War on Terror setting new standards for idiocy.

Man banned from taking Chemistry and Biology AS levels, lest he learn how to make a bomb or how to spread diseases.

Presumably, the man is also banned from reading and cooking :rolleyes:

Actually, how are these control orders legal anyway? Evidence that isn’t suitable for use in court can be used to ban a man from taking exams?

We apparently don’t believe in pesky little things like privacy, the rule of law or evidence here in the UK any more.

Kafka would be going ‘nah - can’t be true’ if he were presented with the concepts of ‘evidence’ and ‘justice’ now in operation.

In the UK you can now be held for 28 days and counting or tried and found guilty enough to have draconian restrictions place on your life without you or a legal representative of your own being present or seeing the evidence. The State provides a barrister at these hearings. This barrister will never talk with you or a representative.

Oy vey.

My understanding is that The Anarchist’s Cookbook is out on the web in one form or another where anyone could find it. For that matter - the gentleman in question has been trained as a doctor, and is looking to get certification for knowledge he already has. How can anyone with a working brain expect that keeping him from the equivalent of first year chem or biology will prevent him from gaining the knowledge to produce home bombs or bioweapons?

For pity’s sake - if you want a culture of botulism toxin, just do some home canning, and ignore all the safety precautions that the canning guides reccomend. Don’t get me started about improvised dust initiators.

The OP called it right: New standards for idiocy, indeed. Should we classify the value of π, too? It’s useful for so many calculations, I’m sure it’s got to have some use when dealing with explosives.

Well, I don’t think we need to go that far. A court order compelling Muslims to round Pi to 3 should suffice.

I don’t know. I was a radiological controls person. I know the power of “radcon” math, where π = 3, π[sup]2[/sup] = 10, 2*2 = 2+2 = 5, and 2[sup]5[/sup] = 100. One can accomplish a whole lot of supposedly technical things with gross approximations. Espcially when one includes generous fudge factors to weigh things to one side of the equation or the other.
Maybe you should have the Home Office issue an edict that for any Muslim π now has a value of 0.693 i. That’ll bollix them up quite properly, I should think. :smiley:

A sound point. It pays never to underestimate these fiends.

Good to know that the US isn’t the only place with good-old fashioned fascist rules.

If you have nothing to hide, why would you need to take those courses?


The article says nothing about why the man is a terror suspect. It would be good information to have in order to understand what the hell is going on. I doubt he’s the only person of Iraqi origin in England, and I doubt all the rest of them are terror suspects.

Hey - I resent you comparing your own half-hearted trashing of civil liberties with our no-holds-barred, Leave-No-Muslim-Unalienated slash and burn. Jeez - I bet you people aren’t even monitored 24-7 by CCTV every time you set foot outside the door.

Amateurs the lot of you.

Don’t feel bad though - you’re well ahead of us in the torture and disappearing of people and no one can bomb wedding parties like the Yanks. :wink:

Good thing you disempowered the monarchy. With people like Elizabeth or William in charge, God only knows what you people would have to endure.

Sure. i’d bet the suspect would like to know too. As a suspect both he and his legal representative are not allowed to know either the charges or the evidence or present a defence.

If you can give this a watch.


It was superb.

How dare you be a voice of reason in a Pit thread.

Why would you assume he has something to hide? Seems to me that if I develop an interest in any field I should be able to pursue said interest in whatever manner I choose – be it academically or autodidactically. As for giving a reason for “why,” what else? That I am simply interested in learning about X topic. Period.

It was a joke, surely?

“whoosh”. Now there’s a sound that guy’s been barred from making.

To be fair - it’s Lib so it’s hard to tell. :wink:

Every time he talks about liberatarianism, the ‘I’ve Got Mine’ philosophy, I take it as a whoosh.

Yeah, perhaps it was and in fact I’ve been whooshed. Though I thought jokes were supposed to be…you know…funny? :dubious:

Technical question: What is the name of the fallacy that justifies police powers with “If you’ve got nothing to hide…”?