War & Sensitivity

I just read that the US forces are concerned about attacking during Ramadan. It just annoys me how sensitive we have to be, in deciding when to attack, in naming this operation, etc. What’s especially annoying is that IMHO, the people we are fighting would have no problem attacking on other peoples’ holy days. Moreover, I bet they would have no problem taking full military opportunity of any break in the action.

I’m aware of the realities that make this sort of sensitivity necessary - but it’s still annoying to me.

Cartooniverse’s sig has a good response for this.

Don’t remember the specifics, but there’s that story about Allies and German soldiers singing together on Christmas that always touches me. It’s important to remember that the enemy are also human beings. We do have things in common, and as the United States values respect of beliefs so highly, it is incrediably noble IMHO, and may just send a good message if we hold off on violence for this important holiday.

You are aware that Ramadan lasts an entire month, not just one day like Christmas, right? Do you really want to give bin Laden and the Taliban a 30-day breather to allow them to regroup?

There is historical precedent for warfare during Ramadan, and I see no reason to show one inch of mercy on the Taliban.

As far as sensitivity for our allies, the Saudis, for example, have strict controls on Christian and Jewish observances by our troops.

I don’t think the US is being sensitive to the people that we are fighting. Rather, the US is being sensisitive the the Muslim allies (and their populations) who are nervous about supporting the war to begin with. Also, the US hopes to turn the Afghan population against the Taliban, and needs some PR in this area as well.