"Warehouse clearance event"

Yeah, right!
I get emails from Herrington catalog. Todays is an offer to a warehouse clearance event.
I’ll pass this exclusive offer along to my fellow dopers. Hurry, you only have till 8/15. :stuck_out_tongue:
Click on some of the items’ “check inventory” buttons.
How do they get away with such obvious shenanigans.

Thank you mangeorge!

I have always had a desire to ‘pump and grind fresh seasoning, one handed.’
Now I can!

Whoa! This is just what I need!

Yes, because trained professionals like nothing better than having random passerbys offering to help! :dubious:

Damn! It’s out of stock! Now what will I do?

But it’s a

“Warehouse Clearance Event – Save Up to 75%!
Hurry, Quantities Are Limited - Sale Ends 8/15!”

Seems to have cleared the warehouse pretty quickly! :dubious:

OMG, a FLASHLIGHT FORK! Damn – I’ve been looking for a flashlight spork my whole life. Missed it by THAT much.

I’ve always wanted to flip food fast - without mauling my meat!

If you’re talking about that steel thing a little hook thingy on the end, it works good. Not for burgers. :smiley: Steaks and chops, etc.
Sorry, but they cleared out their warehouse. 'Course, they can get more as a special favor, but only for you.

Hold it now. That double secret remote that lets you turn off annoying TVs is worth triple it’s weight in platinum. Plus, you are creating peace and quiet in public places!