Warhammer Online

I’ve been following the development of this game for quite a while and was wondering what others around here think. Anyone in the beta? I’m not in this one (don’t have any friends working for the developer this time :)).

It LOOKS pretty good. Here is the latest GameSpy preview FWIW.


They said something about how everyone who signed up for the newsletter by such-and-such a date was guaranteed a beta spot. I got that e-mail, but haven’t been called to beta-test yet. My guess is that I’ll get in for open beta or stress test, since I’m not exactly the most hardcore gamer.

Well it contains some of the things I listed in my Dream MMORPG (factions which can be defeated), but little of the kind of intrigue and faction-level backstabbing that can add depth (but also lamer-style chaos) to a game like this.