WAARRRGGG! WAR is coming!

Just curious…anyone planning to check out the open beta of Warhammer Online this weekend?


At the risk of running my nerd count even higher here, I’ll admit to doing so.

At the risk of revealing myself as not just a gigantic nerd, but a nitpicking motherfucker to boot… it’s Waaaaaaaaaaagh! Like the greenskin bellows before charging.

And, no :frowning:
My desktop recently dun asploded due to its heatsink/fan stopping to work, and the cpu cooking itself. I don’t want to invest in a “cheap” stopgap measure for half a grand or so, and I can’t afford a really decent computer for two grand or so. Now I’m only online via the patience and willingness to share of my better half. So… I wait.

I’ll read reviews of Warhammer though, and maybe pick it up. I already have, and enjoy (generally) EVE, and I’m not sure I’d want to add a second MMO. Although… I do have to admit, the upcoming CCP game World of Darkness and/or (if they ever make it) Warhammer 40K Online would see me signed up at least for trial accounts pretty quick.

Preview weekend on the 5th/6th for preorders, collector’s edition preorders, and closed beta participants, then open beta starts on the 7th. I have a CE preorder but I pretty much know what I’ll be playing at launch, so I’m not expecting to play much in the open beta.

Well, I’m just a simple Dwarf. That’s what it SOUNDS like as they are screaming when they rush down on me as I set up my gun turret and start shooting…

:wink: (FWIW, it was SUPPOSED to be WAAHHHGGGG!..still wrong, but closer)

If you haven’t played it much yet you should give it a shot before the game goes live late this month. For one thing, you can get the feel in whatever land you start in. Figure out the public quests and the rewards. Also, check out the beginning PvP both open world and instanced. Especially these last two since it’s going to be key to the game and what it’s all about. They jump you right into this stuff instead of making you wait until level 10 or 20 or whatever. It will also help you decide on the PATH you want to take with a character, as you’ll figure out what tactics works best for you with a given class.

I’m going Order with a Dwarven Engineer and will go Path of the Rifleman. If anyone is interested and hasn’t checked this out yet, here is a career path tool to let you look at each class and check out some of the special things about each path (as well as the core abilities).


I’ll be playing. I played on the preview weekend last month and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I played a good deal in the CE closed beta, so I have the feel for most things (I took a runepriest to L12 or so). The guild I’ll be joining is going Destruction I think, but I’ve played all the healer classes, so I have a good feel for the game. I definitely don’t want to “use up” all the content playing beta.

I dutifully went to EB to pre-order, only to be told that every Australian open beta code had already been sold. Even though EB still had the posters up promoting it.

Ah well, it’s only a couple of weeks away now…

Though I’m still pissed that Chaos is all Tzeentch-y.

Why? What is it good for?

No Khorne or Nurgle?
Or Chaos Undivided?

Nope and nope and nope.

It’s all sorcerers and navy blue. Even the tank class is all magick-ed up.

Just an FYI for anyone with the CE version…game kicks off tomorrow at 1pm EDT!