Warioware D.I.Y

Picked this up yesterday, and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m a terrible artist and don’t know anything about making music but even with that it’s been a ton of fun trying to make fun things.

Anyone else playing this? We should share friend codes and send each other stuff.

I don’t own this game but I support this thread. I’m not sure why but if this game has anything like Mario Paint’s Composer included, then I will squee.

It does. And I’m not sure as it’s been a very long time since I last had the chance to play Mario Paint, but it might be a bit more advanced? Even if not it’s got a music program, yeah, and you can save your compositions and share them with people.

Really, there isn’t a single other person on the boards who bought this? What a shame…

My son bought this and has been playing it a lot. I have not really had the chance to get into it yet, though.

If I remember correctly, Mario paint had 16 sounds, no accidentals and no way to lengthen notes. I do think it had tempo, though. Oh, and maybe 6 measures worth of notes at a time…

DIY has six different ‘sets’ of instruments, each with eight instruments. 16 regular instruments in the first two sets, then sound-sets for the remaining four, including the dog/cat/baby/etc. set from Mario Paint.

Tempo can be changed, and there are four tracks and a rhythm line to each phrase. The rhythm line has its own sets; 14 per set, six sets.

Music is made in phases of a few seconds each.

Can you save? If so, how many save slots? In other words, could I save an entire song I made?