Warm summer evenings

Just as the sun was beginning to set, with a nice warm breeze blowing, I grabbed my guitar and sat outside on the front porch playing and singing and it was just so nice. sigh

Anyone else have a favorite time of day/season?

This may sound wack, but I love chilly winter nights when it is softly snowing - not too cold, not too windy, just a mellow, slow falling snow.

The sounds are muffled, and the lights of my town are reflected in the clouds, so it is bright out. I love to bundle up and go walk on that kind of night. I just shuffle through the snow and enjoy the cleanness of the whole world. Houses are lit from within, smoke drifting out of the chimineys, it is really peaceful.

I used to love cold, gray winter afternoons. But, I’ve changed over the last year or so. I love early summer mornings. When its still a bit cool & there is dew on the grass and you know it’s going to be sofa king hot within a few hours. I live for that now. I still like cold, gray winter afternoons, but I like summer mornings better.

I also like that feeling you get on a late October day when it’s very cold and the sky is the bluest you’ve ever seen. I get a warm fuzzy feeling on days like that.

Ireland around the end of September/October when its always kind of cold and the days are starting to get darker earlier, and it isnt always raining.

Alternatively I hate the country around January when its absolutely freezing! Always makes me want to move somewhere hot, even thoo when I go somewhere warm, Im always to hot… Strane mentality huh?

I’m in Phoenix where April through August leaves you dried and suncracked every year, without fail.

Accordingly, I LOVE monsoon season. The purple-orange sky, the electricity in the air, the lightning all around, the scent of rain, the wind blowing, ahhh…

Monsoon nights. Mm mm, good.

I love early summer mornings and afternoon storms. They’re just so cool!

Fall…when the air just has the crisp feeling to it. I LOVE to be outside when those days roll around after a scorching hot summer in Alabama.