WARNING: Don't Open Satan's Evil Thread!

The "I hope to hear this again . . " one. It will freeze up your computer, and AND it seems to have a sound file, which could prove embarrassing at work. I managed to shut off my computer and re-boot (losing a document I was working on, thanks, Satan).

Could one of the moderators please shut down that thread?

Get a better computer, idiot…


That was kinda uncalled for. You know Flora is a regular and doesn’t post things like this lightly.


. . . Besides, you’d have to ask my employer to get me a better computer; I’m at work.

And who’s the idiot here? The one who warns everyone away from the site, or the one who (inadvertantly, I’ll give you), posts something that will tie up everyone’s computer?

My browser crashed on that thread, but since it’s an unreleased beta that I’m testing for a friend, I’m not too concerned.

I do find embedded sounds on the web irritating-- they take too long to load-- but that’s just personal preference.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

I say idiot for her “shut down the thread” commentary.

And I stand by it…

Hmm… I didn’t have a problem with it. I played the sound file and went on to something else without a hitch.
I must be blessed.

Sorry, Satan. Didn’t mean to use the blessed word.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

Oh, bite me, you baby-faced hippie.

I still say either shut it down or put some kind of warning on it, to avoid inconveniencing and annoying anyone who who might open it and screw up their computer.

But what am I thinking, expecting “The Lord of Darkness” to be considerate? Oops.

I was always under the impression that no gifts from the Lord Of Darkness come without one or two hitches. This is always a good rule to follow with genies also. :slight_smile:

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Bluepony, you’re absolutely right, and I am wrong!

I can’t believe I’d forgotten everything I’d learned from watching “The Twilight Zone.”

Hmmm…no problem here…took about 30 seconds for it to load and begin. People just love to bitch eh?

“Dont fuck with Floooora…”

oooh, Kelli, aren’t you sweet. To quote Paulette Goddard in “The Women”–“Where I spit, no grass grows, EVER.”

Hey, I agree with Flora here. Threads with with downloads should somehow be marked on the topic main page so the download isn’t involuntarily initiated. That’s just basic nettiquette.

I didn’t have the patience to download the file, and now that I know it’s baseball, I have no interest.

Flora–go with that biting sarcasm! :smiley:

ooo, Flora, that would make a great sig!

Satan’s post was dead empty. Nothing happened. Is it platform-specific, perhaps? Needs specific plug-ins? Java? What’s the deal?

Designated Optional Signature at Bottom of Post

Sorry, that wasn’t quite true. His otherwise empty post contained the following string:

border=“0” width=“148” height=“60”

Designated Optional Signature at Bottom of Post

I have to agree with AHunter…Satan’s thread showed some html code in Opera and did nothing. It showed the code and opened a very skippy wav file in Netscape. In IE it took a few seconds longer and the displayed the code and played the wav file as it downloaded. In Linux it worked up to the point where Netscape needed a plugin that hadn’t been released for Linux yet…but it didn’t show the html code either.