WARNING!!! Virus Warning About SD-Related Email!!!! READ NOW!!!

As many of you know, the Straight Dope Message Board today revoked the posting privileges of the (now former) member known as Jack Dean Tyler.

A few minutes ago, the message board staff received an email from an address associated with that former member which we believe contained a virus of some sort.

We’re still trying to sort things out to figure out exactly what is going on, but for now, please exercise caution in opening emails from sources not familiar to you. As we are able to share more, we will update you.

Please bump this thread from time to time to keep it near the top of the page until we can get the “announcement” function working for us. Thank you.


Damn manny, I thought this was a joke so I didn’t read it for a while. You know, it looks like one of those lame emails I find in my box.

Ooops, I will bump it wherever I see it.

Yikes! You expect behavior like this from someone who’s been circumsized. This just boggles the mind.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prove malice :slight_smile:

Shame on JDT for foreskin the mods to panic.

Bumpity bump.

The JDT bug?

I hear it circumsizes your hard drive.


Thanks for the tip off!

manny and the rest of the mods, that really sucks. :frowning:

Sorry to hear you all have to go through this crap, but thank you for the warning.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if JDT was sent to prison for spreading a virus? He might change his tune on the definition of “rape”.

I suppose it’s a case of malice aforeskin.

Get a rope !

Thanks for the heads up Manny.


Such a turmohel!

OK, any thread related to the explanation of why he was finally banned?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, give us the dirt!!

None that I’ve seen, Esprix. From what I’ve heard from others it was a case of “Poster X complains via email about Poster Y. Brief exchange, things are looked into, and poster Y is banned”.

Mods’ll probably clear things up somewhat if you email them, I’d guess.

Hey, can you guys please arrange for criminal prosecution of that person? If a certain person sends you a virus on purpose, I would imagine that person would be breaking some kind of law or another.

Now THAT would be funny.

The certain person we are talking about is just about the supreme ruler of the troll kingdom. I know that Serlinal was insane and set the standard for trolls, but THIS person smashed past any previous standards. I know that you moderators have reached a consensus that talking about why certain people are banned, but I believe that in this case, a formal press release is warranted.

so jdt finally got cut?


I feel left out because he didn’t send me a virus. :frowning: