Warnings vs Mod notes vs InstaBan for n00b trolls?

I still haven’t figured out where the mods draw the line, in deciding what to do with new members (actually, new guests usually) who sign up and quickly post obnoxious messages, or start obnoxious new threads.

Sometimes they get a gentle mod note admonishing them of the rules. (I don’t have an example to link to at my fingertips, but I know I see this often.) But other times they get instabanned, as seems to have happened, for example, with scottmcdonald. Yeah, his posts were obnoxious.

But for a new poster, how do the mods choose whether to warn or ban?

There was a similar case about a (possible?) spammer recently: A new guest started a thread, asking readers to view and comment on her amateur video, with a link to same. That’s a violation of the roolz, but seems not too serious. A gentle warning, I would have thought, would have sufficed. But instead she got quickly banned.

To be sure, I didn’t view the linked video, and for all I know it may have been total spam. But when mods delete the links and ban the user, without any mention of it in ATMB, it leave me wondering WTF :confused:

I see a LOT of users getting banned all the time, without ever knowing why. I see a lot of perfectly-seemingly-reasonable posts from new, and newly banned, users – presumably because of another naughty post elsewhere. This makes me feel paranoid around here.

Suggestion for the mods: Create a new locked sticky thread in ATMB, to contain a catalog of banned people. When you ban someone, add a very brief comment there – just a phrase or two, or a sentence or two, and maybe a link to the bad post or to the mod’s warning post – showing the name and very brief reason. This would save everybody a lot of head-scratching, and I think such a brief mention of every banned person would not rise to the level of giving trolls the attention they crave.

They won’t do that for returning socks. They don’t want to give any more attention to someone who was banned but comes back!

No, we’re not making a list of banned people. If you want to know why someone was banned (assuming no explanation is posted), ask us. Trolls and socks generally get banned instantly. People who are new and possibly clueless about the rules might get treated a little more gently depending on what have been posting.

Also, we treat someone who signs up simply in order to post a link to his or her video a spammer, regardless of the content of that video. Ditto for someone promoting a blog, a website, etc.