I bought a printer on the 15’th and now it doesn’t work. When I went to the store to ask what could be done they told me they would refund the printer(there are no more printers in stock and the printer is discontinued). My question is that the printer is under warranty and when I bought it it was on sale so… do I get them to replace the printer with one of equal or greater value or get a printer of equal sales price. Half the reson I bought the printer is because it was on for such a good price [$99 instead of $240]. I don’t want to get a printer that is worth $99.

P.S. I live in Canada

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer rather than the store to see if you can get it repaired or replaced?

The very reason it was on sale is that it was discontinued. Therefore they are very unlikely to provide an equivalent printer that sells for full price. You should read the manufacturer’s written warranty for the product, and the store’s return policy. If their offer is within those policies then you will probably have to accept it.

It is perfectly fair to refund the amount of money you spent, that makes you whole, and you can start all over again. That all assumes that you are talking about the normal product warranty as opposed to a service plan.

A service plan, which is often called an extended warranty and for which you pay extra, should replace a defective unit with an equivalent unit.