Warren Sapp to be dropped from NFL Network over his Jeremy Shockey comments.

Source: NFL Network to drop bankrupt Sapp

Yeah yeah, loose lips, etc.

But here’s my question: They say that Sapp has $6.45 million in assets, has an analyst’s contract worth $540,000 for this year, owes “several hundred thousand in child support”, and over $1 million to the IRS.

I’m no accountant, but this does not add up to “bankrupt” in my book. If he liquidates assets and pays all of his debts, he’s still left with several million dollars.

I should be so bankrupt.

It says right there that those are only “among” his debts. As the article says, he’s claiming $6.7 million in total debt and $6.45 million in assets (he’s lost his Super Bowl ring, he says). If he’s losing that job, then he may really be in trouble. And he does probably deserve to be fired over the Shockey thing.

Sigh. How did I manage to miss the third paragraph?

This is quite a dilemma for me. I don’t know what to be happy about and what to be sad about. The only thing that could make this story even more difficult to get a handle on would be if they threw Ray Lewis into the mix somehow, then we’d have the perfect trifecta of NFL Pro’s I hate with a burning passion.

Warren Sapp forgot he worked for the NFL Network, not any of the others. Only approved stories allowed.

The real problem is that Sapp is not a reporter, and he named Shockey possibly incorrectly and without verification and mocked him for being a “snitch.”

And maybe they’d all be Tebowing!