Warren Zevon dies

Haven’t seen a thread about this yet…He’ll be missed.

Nevermind, just not on the front page. Sorry about that…I’ll ask a mod to close.

There’s another, more…substantive, thread on Zevon. In the Pit, of all places.

Quite spooky that he died of lung cancer NINE YEARS after he stopped smoking.

That STILL SMOKING BY 35? campaign is getting to me. Yikes.

Zevon died of a rare lung cancer called mesothelioma, which is actually associated with asbestos, not cigarettes.
It has been said that there was asbestos in the L.A. soundstages where WZ long played, but I don’t have a cite for this.

My grandfather died of lung cancer about 20 years after stopping smoking. While I don’t doubt that stopping smoking decreases your chances of getting lung cancer (and in his case, it probably bought him at LEAST 10 years), it’s certainly true that you can’t eliminate your chances altogether just by quitting.