Wars of Words-- set to music

I know there are many rap songs contaning “disses” of other rappers, and the fueds carry on off of the albums as well in many cases.

I recently listened to a song called FURB, by a singer named Frankee, which was a response to a song about her by her ex-boyfriend. I think there’s a third song in this soap opera. It’s not a genre I normally listen to.

What other examples of battles within a song are there? The only one coming to mind is Lynard Skynard slamming Neil Young in “Sweet Home Alabama (?)”.

And Warren Zevon entered the “fray” with “Play it All Night Long.” Note that Lynryd Skynyrd considered “Sweet Home Alabama” as a joke and weren’t serious about dissing Neil Young.

Matthew Fisher expressed his dislike for Procul Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” in his “Going for a Song.” Fisher was with Procul Harum and just got sick and tired of having to play it; he commented on that in his first solo album.

Pink in “Don’t let me get me”:

Probably not personal though. For personal, see Eminem:


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Ok, non-Rap, I give you David Allen Coe: Graphic, hence the spoiler tags

[spoiler]Well, old Harry Reams fall apart at the seams when he saw me fuck that whore.
She sucked my dick and swallowed my nuts, and I still hollered for more.
She sucked my asshole, she sucked my toes, she’s the suckinest bitch alive.
I made her call up two more cunts, and friend that at no jive.

She don’t give me no shit about being no big time lover.
Some movie star with a jag.
Cause you ain’t shit…
If you can’t get Linda lovelace to gag. [/spoiler]:eek: