What do rappers "beef" about?

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“Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Brawl at BET Awards”
Assuming these are grown men with successful careers I have to admit I’m kind of curious about what things successful rappers would physically fight about?

They are performing musicians what issues do they have that require fighting?

Its part of the genre’s aura, there is no way to tell whether they’re putting on for publicity or not.

Since guns are often being drawn in these altercations and people being beaten I assume this is not just woofing to no purpose. My main question is what are they contending over? Assumedly a successful, award winnning rapper will have enough income to keep themselves comfortable and well fed. What are these beefs about?

Pretty sure it’s Kirk vs Picard, DS9 vs B5, and whether they liked the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

“You talkin’ to me?”

Why does Snooki feud with Tan Mom in the tabloids?(someone was feuding with Tan Mom at least)

The article says that the police claim no shots were fired at all, the evidence that shots were fired is one anonymous source.

But look at how successful this all was, it even has you a non rap fan talking about it! Its part of publicity and fans just eat it up.

It’s macho idiots in a culture that celebrates being a macho idiot, doing what comes naturally to macho idiots.

Sometimes over a girl, sometimes a dude will say something unfavorable about the other dude in the press, sometimes something will go down on the business side (a producer drops an artist or something), sometimes someone in one dude’s camp will in some way disrespect someone in the other dude’s camp and it becomes a Hatrields & McCoys situation where nobody’s quite sure why but they know they hate each other, and it’s only fair and just for the top dogs to go at it at the BET awards.

You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.

They’re sad little wannabe hardmen.

As long as its safe.
If they really wished to prove their courage, they’d join up and fight people who want to kill "them .

Instead they beat up their “Ho"s, and make pretend threats, and pretend fight with other born in the bone”, phony cowards.

If I remember correctly, Rick Ross got his stage name from the real life drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross. Rick Ross also claimed he was a coke dealer but it’s pretty obvious that was just a stage persona because it was later revealed that prior to his rap career he was a corrections officer.

He then made a song called BMF (Blowing Money Fast), and the initials of that song are a reference to the real life drug trafficking gang Black Mafia Family. The Black Mafia Family got into the music industry under the name BMF entertainment.

Young Jeezy has been promoted by BMF entertainment, and after Rick Ross released “BMF” Jeezy released his own version which people thought was a diss.

This comes up often enough when folks talk about Ross, but honestly, how do you think most of the drugs and weapons get into prisons? Very few files in cakes these days, but a CO can make some good money on the side doing such a thing. Im convinced that the real gangsters grow up to be COs.

As far as why rappers beef goes, it happens because they take what they do, and the persona they’ve (in many times) created, very seriously.

I’ve always understood “beef” was a meat as well as a euphemism for flatulence. Assuming that they aren’t talking about the meat, I’d guess that they are likely “beefing” over digestive issues. Possibly caused by beans.

Is that an older phrase? I’ve never heard it used before.

First, I wouldn’t classify them as performing musicians. They are performers. Stevie Wonder is a musician. Steven Tyler is a musician.

Next, rappers beef over perceived slights and/or insults (“disses” aka disrespect).

As opposed to taking the argument to the streets, and shooting it out (which I believe is how Tupac died), rappers create songs that call out the offender in code.

Ice Cube had problems with the remaining members of NWA, and released diss songs. they in turn dissed back.

It’s an adult version of calling someone a doody-head, and they come back with “I know you are but what am I?” or “Your mother!”, or “Bite me”.

…only with guns and iced-out grills and video hoes.

I think you mean “QUeef” :smiley:

…And definitely not caused by digestive issues. :wink:

I’m not too sure about that…it might involve eating…:smiley:

Tupac died, not because of his rap beefs with various east coast rappers, but because the owner of his record label, Suge Knight was a Blood gang member, and got his #1 artist involved in a gang fight with a Crip gang member. The Crip came back and shot up their car. Tupac tried to dive into the back of the car, but Suge pulled him back into the front, where Tupac received more bullet wounds that ended up being fatal.


I thought Rick Ross was more like a CB4 gangster, but maybe you’re right. It’s pretty crazy that Reebok had a shoe deal with a guy who brags about selling cocaine.

…and, in my opinion as someone who doesn’t like rap but whose husband does, Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” is an absolutely brutal takedown that Cyrano de Bergerac himself would applaud.