warts, wart removal

okay so i’ve got a big ugly wart, on my eyelid. the end of the eyelid, by the eyelashes. any way to remove it without going to the doctor? what do you find is most effective and would be most safe for that area of my body?

Given your circumstances, one would think seeing a doctor would be your first approach.

Calling QtM!!!

I hope you’re not serious. I don’t think there is anything you can apply to it that is safe in the vicinity of your eye.

well i’ve kinda not seen a doctor in about 7 years and really dont want to have to spend the money…

As opposed to doing something on your own outside of a doctor’s care and risk your eye(s)?

Are you sure it’s really a wart? It sounds more like a sty to me. Here is a picture: http://health.allrefer.com/health/styes-stye.html

And for treatment:

wasnt asking for anything risky. just wanted to be sure there were no alternatives before i wasted my money on one sawbones who will more then likely have to refer me to another one. i’m NOT a big fan of the way doctors work

If you kinda want to keep your vision, then you kinda should go to the doctor to get the wart taken care of. Go to the doctor, and get a full checkup, it’s been long enough, and when you get your clean bill of health, and the wart safely removed, you’ll be glad you went. Do you have a fear of doctors, and what they might tell you is wrong with your health, do you distrust them, or is it that you’ve not had money?

distrust of doctors is the main concern, money is secondary. as far as wether its a sty or not, its kinda scaley looking and looks like warts i’ve had in the past on other less sensitive parts.

If you go to a general practitioner, or an internal medicine guy don’t be at all surprised if you get referred to an eye specialist. This doesn’t mean that the doctors are in cahoots in running up your bill.

I would think it would be either an eye specialist, or maybe a dermatologist that would be sent for. I don’t know if a dermatologist would be willing to remove a wart on an eyelid or not though. Definitely go in to the doctor and get the process started, don’t risk your vision, pope_hentai. Maybe see about going into the dermatologist right off the bat instead?