Help, I'm turning into a newt (well, a toad)

The heartbreak that is warts.

For decades now, I have had a very small wart on the bridge of my nose. No big deal; it added character to my nose. However, in the past few weeks, I have sprouted two new warts on my face. Both again are very small, but I’ve decided enough is enough - they gotta go.

Any suggestions for treatments? I vaguely recall that Compound W turns out not to work, and in any event I couldn’t find it in my pharmacy yesterday. Home remedies? Other commercial products? My face is yours to experiment on.


I think Compound W will probably work if you use it consistently. You need to apply it once a day for several weeks to see results. The active ingredient in Compound W is salicylic acid. Aspirin in the closely related acetylsalicylic acid.

I had plantar warts for a couple of years before I got around to doing anything about them. My father told me to make a paste of water and pulverized aspirin tablets and put it on my foot. I left it on overnight. There was some pain and some numbness, as I recall. I think I had to repeat the procedure once or twice more. My warts were gone in a couple of weeks.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to see a dermatologist. They can burn them off, freeze them off, or attack them with laser guns. See Wart Treatment

I had a wart that was frozen off a bunch of times - it kept coming back. A doctor finally burned it off with this electrical gadget that looked like a miniature arc welder, and it stayed off. But it left a definite scar - it was on my hand, so no big deal, but you might not want to do that with one on your face.

What?! Scars aren’t sexy anymore? Damn, I gotta start reading “People”.


Or, if you think they are, by all means visit a doctor in Heidelberg.

‘How do you know she is a witch?’
‘She turned me into a newt!’
(Long pause as everyone looks at the perfectly alright person)
‘I got better’

Monty Pythons: Search for the Holy Grail

First of all, I am not a doctor, so take that into consideration. I’ve had several growths (warts and other things) removed. I’ve had both freezing (liquid nitrogen, I think) and frying (electric needle). Given my choice, I’ll take the electric needle. The doctor (or physician’s assistant, whatever) has more control over the needle than the nitrogen. It sometimes took several treatments to remove a growth with freezing, while everything that got fried stayed gone. However, the electric needle does hurt more than the freezing. The pain wasn’t that bad (and I’m a big sissy when it comes to pain) with the electric needle, and I like getting everything done in one session.

Getting growths frozen off is also painful afterwards, and I got a couple of the areas infected. I didn’t get any areas infected after the electric needle treatment, and after the treatment, it didn’t hurt. The areas treated with the electric needle didn’t look so bad when they were healing, either.

I had no visible scarring from either of these treatments.

If you’re determined to go with home treatment, be advised that you must stick with it every day. Scrub the area well, making sure that the old dead skin sloughs off so you can put the gunk on the newly uncovered area. I tried this, and found that it’s not worth the hassle. Sometimes it’s darn near impossible to get the root of the wart (or whatever) when you do it yourself. And if you leave off treatment while the root is still there, then it pops up again.

In short, I’d say go with an electric needle or laser, with a health care professional at the other end. When you make the appointment, make sure to tell the clerk that you want this done, as you’ll need a rather large chunk of time.

Please note, again, that I am not a doctor and this advice is purely from my experience. YMMV.

I succesfully got rid of a persistant wart with some stuff that looks like a tube of super glue. It was basically the same as Compound W but seemed to work better because the glue-ness helped keep it on better. Sorry I can’t remember the brand name but ask at the pharmacy.