Warts: when the cure is worse than the disease

Given all these other stories, mine should be believable.

In high school, I had a bunch of warts on my hands. Well, I eventually went to the doctor and just he just burned and scraped them so that I had about 6 big bloody holes in my hands.

Well, a couple came back. And one day I was looking at one of them and noticed a little brown “seed” in the whites. Well, I chewed the wart down and got the seed out with the tip of a knife. Like a week later, no wart.

I probably developed 4 or 5 more warts after that, and on every one of them, I used a combination of my teeth and knives to remove them.

IIRC, I usually would find such a seed, and it’s removal would cause the wart to go.

I still have small scars from the ones the doctor removed. I have NO scars whatsoever from the ones I removed.

Pray you’ll never come back and say my post was honest.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

I didn’t mean to say that people were telling lies.

I didn’t know so many other people had done self-removal of warts, so in light of all that, my own self-removal seemed not as far-fetched as it would standing alone.

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Please disregard.

I had some removed with an electric needle. Shots to numb it. Zzzzzzt! Zzzzzt! Then the novocaine wore off and I thought I’d been zapped with a 1920s style ray gun. But it went away pretty quickly.

For regular warts, I dunno…maybe the same approach?

Umm, yeah, so are you guys just freaking me out with these stories so that my body gets the hint and fights off the wart? Because sick little stories involving electrodes, fillet knives and teeth AREN’T HELPING with the mental stress here :smiley:

I took off the pad and left it off last night. I’m tempted to try to extract the wart using a combination of steak knife and branding iron, but I think I’ll pass for now.

No, no, don’t use a STEAK knife. A good filet knife gives you so much more control because of its curved blade. And because it’s so sharp you don’t have to push down very hard and risk amputating a toe.


If you have insurance, just go to the doctor. You’ll end up fucking yourself up and then you’re really gonna have a limp.

Listen, duct tape is painless and I believe it will work for you in 3 to 4 weeks. If that doesn’t work, then by all means grab a knife or someones’s teeth and run the risk of pain and infection, gangrene and rabies–but don’t pay some college boy to not take care of your problem when there’s plenty of us flunkies giving you the REAL answer!

You here to fight ignorance or what? :dubious:

I have both very good insurance and I’m in Canada. I could get the most fancy surgery done for free but I have this thing against me and doctors. Unless I’m missing a limb, I don’t bother (although I have gone in for a long-term rash on my back recently…for all the help THAT did, paid $50 for drugs (after 80% perscription coverage!) and still have the rash after 3 months of treatment. Going to a dermatologist and if that doesn’t work, I give up).

I’m switching to the duct tape tonight. My foot is killing me with these pads.

I’m going to give duct tape 6 weeks. If it doesn’t work, I’ll ask PunditLisa to assist in the surgery :smiley:

Are you soaking and scraping every couple days?

From the sound of the amount of pain your having, that bugger’s ready to go.

Stick your foot in a pan of hot water for a half-hour or even longer (just set yourself up infront of the TV or something) and then scrape away at the top of the wart area. then put the pads or tape back on. Then do it again in a day or so. When they rip loose it’s a sick sort of joy.
I’d like to be the first predict badmana’s wart-ripping-loose day as Sunday, August 29 at 10:30 a.m. centrel time

“You’ve tried sanding them off… You’ve tried slamming them off… Gloves just hide the problem… You’ve got too many fingers!”

Handi-off is the product you’re thinking of. It contains Leprosin! :wink:

I’ve never tried duct tape, but I’ve had good results with nail polish. I think the idea is to smother it, deprive it of oxygen.

10:30 CST? Hell, I’m in EST and I’m not going to be awake at 9:30 :smiley: Revised time: 3:30 PM CST. That’s more realistic.

The wart is rasied enough as it is to cut off a big chunk of it. I’m only afraid of spreading the virus around in the blood that generally comes out.

So do these warts literally “fall off”? Or do they get reabsorbed into the skin? With the amount of white icky skin from the acid, a quarter-sized hole is going to drop off and that ain’t going to be any fun.

Hack away. They part that is raised above the skin doesn’t bleed.

With duct tape the thing simply shrinks and is simultaneously pushed up a little. Once a week you let the little bastard dry out & then you can cut & chew some more–all painless, and no end of fun!

OK ya’ll think your wart storys are bad…I can top them all

WARNING very gross…

ok I warned ya,

I had to have my uvelu… um uvalu…(hell I can’t even say it right) that thing that hangs down in the back of your mouth. Anyhow I had to have that removed because warts.

I noticed several years ago that I had a little growth on it but I didn’t worry to much about it, well over the years it got bigger and bigger. In the end it was twice as large as the thing it was attatched to. When it started to interfear with my breathing I decided to get it looked at. First he took a sample to see what he was dealing with and it came back as human papilloma virus, so he wants me to go under a general and have it removed. I don’t handle general anna. well so I ask if it can be done with a local. So we set up a time and date. Few days later I am in his office, he numbs it and uses this thing that looks like a sodering iron and burns the wart off, only to find more behind it. So he gets out some kind of scissor looking things and begins snipping them away, then burns the area then snips somemore then burns and on and on… All the while I am sitting there with smoke and the smell of burnt pork coming from my mouth, even the nurse gagged a few times. (the doc kept saying he would never have this done awake :rolleyes: nice thing to say just then ) In the end he ended up removing all of the…um hang down thingey and part of the roof of my mouth were that is attatched. Now I have to have a scope look at my vocal cords and general area around them every 2 years to make sure they (the warts) haven’t spread.

He ask me a lot of personal questions, like if I preform oral sex on anyone with warts, if I used to chew at warts on my (or anyone elses) skin sucked my thumb as a child while having warts on and on and on. We never did pin point why I ended up with them there but…just my luck I guess. But for those of you who “chew” them off…STOP NOW.

Mental note: Do not read wart threads right before dinner.

I am here to serve. We just have to settle on a date when Mr. Pundit isn’t fishing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, now I know what I meant Trunk. (Goddamn alcohol) :wink:

I meant hope you don’t have to go through the same and have to come back here to say it’s as bad as I said. :smack:

I had flat warts on my face and hands that were virtually invisible, plus those fun plantars warts. My doc made me get them off, even though they didn’t hurt and the flat warts were not obtrusive. Why? HPV is pretty contagious. If you have them on your fingers (or toes I guess, if you’re into that) and you’re putting your fingers in, ummm… places people would be really distressed to have warts growing, you should get them removed ASAP.

I found that the liquid icy thing worked well, though it did leave some gross blisters behind. The plantars warts I definitely needed medical help to remove, but it went well and they never recurred. Maybe my doc was just being alarmist, but I kind of freaked about the idea of giving or getting warts in some sensitive mucous membrane. BLeah.

I had pretty much the same experience, minus going to the doctor. I was in middle school when I decided to GET RID of the warts on my fingers. I used a pair of tweezers and the tip of a knife. My warts sort of looked like tiny cauliflowers, and I removed each “floret” with the tweezers after loosening the sides with the knife. Each wart took several sessions over a period of time.

Right now, I have a couple of very small warts on my hands, they’re almost undetectable. I use an insulin needle to cut them loose, and they stay gone for months at a time. I should probably just get them burned off with a laser, but once I notice tha they’re back, I obsess over them until I’ve removed them.

I had a load on my toes and the sole of my foot. One day on holiday, I spent the whole day walking around with bare feet, mostly on a beach. By the end of the day, to my great surprise they had all gone. Nothing but pink healthy skin! Nothing I’d got from the chiropodist would shift them!