Warwick RI Nightclub Disaster-Who Is To Blame?

Well, 97 people are dead, and the blame is being spread around. We all now know the horrible facts:
-the club was a firetrap-80+ years old, and a tinderbox
-the ownwers made their own sound insulation: flammable foam rubber glued on to the ceiling tiles!
-the club manager allowed the use of pyrotechnic devices, which set the stage on fire
-there was no emergency lighting system
-the owners apparently di not want to pay for a police/fire dept. detail
-there were close to 500 people in a place licensed for 300
-the fire inspector passed the dump on a recent inspection
Now, there will probably be lots of lawsuits filed…but who is to blame for this disaster? Can the town be held liable?
Something to think about when you are planning a night out!

Do you have a quote/cite on any of that. From what I’ve heard the club owners did not give permission and “Great White” apparently set off the pyrotechnics at other bars without permission as well. Certainly your version makes it obvious that it was the club’s fault but I don’t think your version is accurate.

From Yahoo:

Is this really a debate? At the very least we should wait for the actual facts.