Was 1997-2007 the golden decade for TV sci-fi?

I’m watching Farscape at the moment and really enjoying it, it’s difficult to consider it’s a decade and a half old. I watched Firefly recently too and thought that holds up well too, and I’m happy that both lived up to the much hype I’ve seen over the years. (No I can’t really explain why I waited so long to watch them.)

But now I’m wondering if there any such delightful shows that were produced in the last 5-7 years? It seems like 97-07 was a great time for sci-fi on TV, BsG, Stargate, Outer Limits etc.

I just LOVED Andromeda (2000-2005). I’m way out of the sci-fi demographic, but I adored this show. Can’t say I watched any others, though I still love Star Trek TOS.

How did you decide the begin and end date? I’m not saying I don’t agree, but I’m wondering how you got it.

I would personally end it at the finale of Battlestar Galactica or LOST. Even if you hated their finales, the end of those shows ended two major story driven shows that were really great.

Yeah technically the end of BsG would be the end (2008?) but then it’s not a round decade :wink:
'97 iirc was the year Stargate and Outer Limits started.
Lost…? er not sci-fi imho… no aliens, no futuristic setting, no spaceships, just confusing dreams. (there are other elements of good sci-fi I guess, but one or more of those three is usually a part of any quality sci-fi)

Thanks - will make a note to check out Andromeda one day. Other recommendations appreciated.

I think it was the success of ST:TNG (1987-1994) and later, X-files (1993-'02) that convinced the networks to greenlight so many sci-fi shows during the late ninties. So it seems kinda weird to pick a range that excludes much of their runs.

Granted, its kinda hard to see how you’d fit them in your decade scheme.

I was going to mention Babylon 5 (1994-1998) but I realize that this is a contentious point in the context of “great sci-fi”.