Is it me or is there a real dearth of non-magical space oriented sci-fi shows lately?

Stargate Universe breathed its last the other day and in looking around there’s not much hard sci fi action TV to replace it. Is this impression correct or am I missing some good shows?

Any suggestions re a good fill in?

Your impression is correct. It’s the first time we are without a Star Trek or Stargate in nearly 25 years.

And I can’t think of anything else that fits. I’m not even sure if anything will be popping up next year.

I understand that the new Battlestar series is starting later this year. Hopefully it won’t be as much of a suckfest as Caprica was.

The only show left with a spaceship is probably Futurama. The new season starts next month.

What about Fringe?

Are those zepplins capable of space flight?

I enjoy Fringe, but the “science” in it is so unapologetically over-the-top comic book nonsense that it’s effectively magic – it’s just that the wizard wears a labcoat.

The original Doctor Who was closer to science fiction than the New Who. I love the new show, but it’s very much a wizard who wears a fez (or wants to, anyway). Most of the scifi elements are comic book cutouts of old-timey monsters and whatnot. There are still some episodes that lean towards it, but I wouldn’t put it in the scifi camp.

TNG started in 1987. It overlapped with DS9, which overlapped with Stargate, which held out through to SGU (started the first season but didn’t get that far. Heard it changed–for the better?). There were some shows in between (e.g., Farsape) too. 24 years of something being on is a long time.

It’s a bit sad because between the Star Treks, Farscapes, Stargates, Lexx, Doctor Who, Firefly, BSG, Babylon, Red Dwarf, heck, even the Prisoner to stretch things, we’re out of science fiction. I’m sure there are others that I’ve forgotten, but what now?!

Eureka too “wizard in a lab coat” for you, I assume?

It’s not really any more wizardly than holodecks and recalibrated deflector dishes.

Eureka (of which I’m a fan) isn’t space-oriented.