Was ABC off-air last night (Weds. 1/5)?

Fantasy Teevee [which has been down all day and just came online] says Lost and Aliasweren’t on last night. I was watching the Do You Speak American? marathon on PBS (which was very good, btw), so don’t know if they speaketh out their butts or not.

So – did these shows air or not? Because if I lose two nights to Neko, I can live with it, but if I lose the week to her, I will be forced to commit hara kiri.


twicks, who has a serious fantasy TV monkey on her back.

I watched Lost last night.

me too

Thanks. I’m guessing Alias was on, too.


Probably still lost the night, though. That Clark Kent is a juggernaut.

The two-hour season premier of Alias was on last night.

The local station cut to a news teaser in the middle of a fight scene and didn’t realize its mistake until the fight was over. I missed part of the show even though I was watching! :mad:

For those wondering breathlessly what happened – yep, the Fantasy Teevee server was down, and it took a while for the scores to pop in. Yes, I did lose the night, but no, I didn’t lose the week. (God bless you, Joey Tribbiani.)