Was Breaking Bad a Walking Dead prequel (spoilers likely)

This is a fun but apparently tongue in cheek article.

I didn’t notice the blue crystal at the bottom of the bag. Was it really there?

I’ve heard that before, and since I started watching Walking Dead after I finished up Breaking Bad, yes, there is something in the bag that looks exactly like the blue meth Walt was making.

So yes, it seems that Walter White basically started the zombie apocalypse.

If it is it really would make the efforts that Walt undertook during the last episode rather pointless as his family STILL wouldn’t receive any money.

This is claiming (TiC) that Uncharted became the Last of Us (as if Indiana Jones became Mushroom Zombie Apocalypse).

Man, people running from zombies don’t always pick the feasible cars, do they? But the only thing Will Smith fears more than ZomboVampMonkeys is the corporate sponsors.

How would pharmaceutical grade meth cause contagious zombieism? :confused:

Maybe the meth fumes combined with the insecticide gases to cause some kind of mutant bugs?

Maybe Hank and Gomie got some kind of weird infection from the desert soil and when they were dug up they started the epidemic.

Gray Matter Technologies obviously had a hand in it.

I could see a storyline here. They use Walt’s money to fund some off-the-books research that creates the virus or whatever, perhaps after figuring out there was no actual hitman threat, or maybe because of desperation.

Have they ever said or implied what Gray Matter does; what kind of products they invent?

Do they even manufacture anything, or do they just license inventions or discoveries to others?

It’s just a neat little easter egg, from one AMC show to another. There’s no actual story link. Even if there was, there’s no evidence that blue meth causes zombie-itis, so blaming that on Walter White seems a little overblown. Guy’s done plenty bad by himself to earn a reputation, no need to blame the end of the world on him.