Was Hyde out of period on yesterday's "That 70's Show?"

He was wearing an “Alabama” t-shirt. You know the dominant Country Band of the early 80’s. I find it puzzling that Hyde would even wear that, it is not his style.

The first “Alabama” song I heard on the radio was “That Old Flame” (something like that), back in 81. Late 80 at the earliest. Did the makers of the show just not notice? Are they now in the 80’s? The first year they talked about President Ford. The show is only beginning its fourth season, which would not be enough time in real years to jump to 1980/1. Or did the makers intentionally place a not quite period outfit to see if we notice?

The show is supposed to be in 1978 this season. According the All Music Guide, Alabama’s debut album came out in 1980. So, yep, an anachronism. IIRC, there’s a website that lists these occurances as they happen, but I’m not sure where it is.

What happens the season after next? Does it become That 80’s Show?

Not sure where the show is set. But Alabama played a small bar in Myrtle Beach (The Bowery) for quite a while before they made it big. Perhaps they sold T shirts?

Don’t know if they’ll change the title, but the producers did promise that they’ll continue to advance the “current year” each season. For some reason I think they’ll keep the name the same, as changing the title would confuse a large portion of the Fox audience, methinks. Other than the license plate sticker at the end of the show, they don’t ever seem to make a big deal out of what year it is supposed to be, so keeping the “70” in the title while the date rolls over to “80” shouldn’t be a big deal.

The show is set in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin (hence the “Hello Wisconsin!” at the end of the theme song), so the Alabama T-shirt was a definite goof in my book. Dumbasses.

They have never been too careful to avoid anachronisms. I don’t think they care.

That was hilarious.

My peeve with this show is when they keep using catchphrases from much, much later - I’m sure I’ve heard “Friendsisms” on the show more than once. Just toasts my buns, ya know?
If they do move on to the 80’s, I would enjoy that immensely (I graduated high school in '84 - that’s my decade).