Was Inspector Gadget an android?

I never saw an origin show or explanation as to how he got to be “gadgetized”. What’s the scoop?

I believe the term you’re looking for is “cyborg” - that is, a human with machine parts. According to the Matthew Broderick movie version, the Inspector was severely injured and was rebuilt a la the Six Million Dollar Man.

I don’t think it was ever fully explained in the cartoon version.

I feel compelled to point out that in the Inspector Gadget movie, there is an evil-gadget clone, constructed by Dr. Claw, who is an android.

I think the OP is strictly refering to the cartoon. My guess is that he was a cyborg instead of an android, simply due to the fact he had a niece. Robots generally tend not to have blood relatives. Then again, Penny was abnormally smart, and Brain was a hell of a lot more evolutionarily advanced than any dog I’ve ever scene, so it’s quite possible that they were all androids. But, I believe there were scenes where Gadget was effected by poisons or gasses, which would indicate that he had biological parts, thus making him a cybrog, and not an android.

Man, I feel like such a dork.

But what if Penny was a plant put there to make the Gadget android feel more human? Let’s suppose that this “spy” organization that Inspector Gadget worked for was trying to develope a highly intelligent A.I. that was as human as you or me. In order for it to be so, they implanted false memories of a family and stuck Agent Penny there to keep an eye on him.

As for the being affected by poisons and gasses? Well, a highly intelligent A.I. would be prone to the power of suggestion just like a human mind would. If he thinks that it would hurt him, it will.

Little known fact: Brain was a semi-intelligent sojourner from the planet Melmack. Alf was his smarter cousin.

Ugh, the live action movie . . . is coming out with a sequel. Maybe it will be like Highlander II and completely skew the origin story, so there will actually be no correct answer to this question.

That aside, I’d vote for cyborg, mostly for the part about him having a blood relative (as Rojo pointed out).

The sequel I beleive is going to be direct to video. I heard in it that there will be a female version of Inspector Gadget, a love interest if you will.

Any notion as to what her umm, ah… “gadgets” will be?

There was one episode where he got really high on something (by accident, of course :eek: ) and he thought he was a donkey.

Yep, and Inspector Gadget will be played by French Stewart instead of Matthew Broderick.

One has to wonder what happened to Penny’s parents. My working theory is that one time Gadget was over at their house for pizza. One call of “Go go Gadget Pizza Cutter” and Penny was instantly orphaned…

Slightly off the main topic but my brother swears there was an episode of the cartoon show that showed what Dr. Claw looked like. Is this true? Picture?

As far as I know, Mr. Jim, it was only from the elbow down.

I don’t think he appears in the cartoon, but you can find out what he looks like by looking up a picture of his action figure. Kind of a dissapointment, really.

I think the figure was packaged with his face obscured.

i always thought in true hollywood tradition we would find out Dr. Claw was Gadget’s brother, and father of Penny. And Brain and Dr. Claw’s Cat were lovers or something.

I don’t have a cite, but I think the story in the cartoon was that Gadget slipped on a banana peel, was injured and put back together as a cyborg.

They showed Dr. Claw briefly in the nintendo version of things, I think. Like a few frames of his whole body escaping. He had white hair.

There was an episode where Gadget met Claw face to face, though of course we never see his face. And Claw was in a Santa costume, so Gadget didn’t know it was him. I don’t remember much else from that episode but imagining Santa Claus with Dr. Claw’s voice is hilarious.

“Go, go, Gadget penis!”

Oh, if only…