Venture Bros. 7/2

Nice episode, with the boys wondering why their drivers licenses were singed, and being puzzled over their birthdates.

Then them thinking that Dr. Girlfriend was their mother, and driving Brock’s car. (“I just fixed that!”) Looks like the wait for new eps was worth it.

The Monarch, he got hulk hands! :slight_smile:

So, how did Dr. Girlfriend implant the tracker into Monarch?

Loved the Hulk hands, and the “original packaging” tussle.

Is there a reason the henchmen look and sound a little like Ray Romano and Kevin Smith?

Like I said, you’ll do all kinds of crazy things when you’re dating a supervillian.
(I have a feeling that she did it while performing fellatio.)

It looks like they might be getting ready to explore the origin of Dr. Girlfriend, what with Brock asking Phantom Limb if she had any scarring and implying that she might have had a sex change operation.

IIRC last season in the “garage sale” episode they mentioned that Dr Girlfriend had had a baboon uterus implanted.

I loved the start where the flunky hummed theme music and faked opening a number pad locked door to get his costume, complete with sound effects.

And he lived at his mom’s house! :smiley: Then when he gets out to the other flunky’s car, both of them are humming the theme music.

Best use of Holst in an animated mature audiences Johnny Quest parody, ever.

Oh, I don’t know about that. :wink: But I think the moment where I recognized what he was humming was the high point of the episode for me. That was very funny. The Hulk hands also cracked me up- right after I finished telling my brother that they made those “Hulk smash” sounds, that’s exactly what happened.

There are so many ways. I’d prefer not to think about it, but here’s guessing that someone will post a fairly complete list.

I’m glad to have this show back. I forgot that they could say some curses without bleeping, so when The Monarch yelled “You assholes!” at the other prisoners during the season premiere, I almost hurt myself laughing.

Phantom Limb’s got some kickass amputee powers!

(Nerd Digression: I played a superhero character once, pre Venture Bros, thankyouvermuch, who had lost both her arms in a motorcycle accident, but could manifest psychic limbs. The whole reason I created the character was because I totally wanted to play a hero who could and shoot their fists off the end of their arms. :slight_smile: )

Aw, and that henchman finally got to go home, too! He was the one who said he was kidnapped at age 15. Why yes, I spent the weekend watching the Season 1 DVDs, why?

The one guy singing Mars was a riot, but when the other pulled up and he was singing it too, well…

That’s when I lost it. His voice is perfect for the part he was singing.

How much you want to bet the it turns out that the only thing that Dr. Girlfriend got transplanted was her vocal chords?

Favorite quote – “I look lkie Santa’s magic janitor.”

Phantom Limb’s arms look awsome when he bats away a speeding projectile (TiVo is good for more than fast-forwarding through commercials).