Venture Bros. 10/15

Did the Monarch get out an unbleeped “Fuuuck!” right as the Cocoon was taking off? I’ve replayed the scene twice now, and it sure sounds like it to me.

Iggy Pop wastes Bowie? I can’t believe it! Bowie was the only person to visit Pop when he was institutionalized. He really has turned evil!

Dean and Princess Tinklepants? That’s priceless!

The bump about Google buying the whole internet was pretty cool, too.

Bowie was the Soveriegn! I knew it!

“That’s like Dracula versus Yoda in there!”

I’m guessing Dr. Girlfriend is pregnant.

This show has turned into such a knowing geektasm.

I love how they summon Nien Nunb randomly… and of course he ends up in the co-pilot role. :slight_smile:

I think my favorite aspect of this episode – and there were many great ones – was Brock rallying the Henchm-- er, the Minions. In full Monarch getup, no less.

Odd, though that Brock was fooled by Hank’s goatee, wasn’t it?

Ah, well, I geuss he had a lot on his plate right at the moment…

I assumed that Brock was so euphoric with the joy of leading a small Army into battle that he wasn’t paying much attention to details like that.

So, what’s the consensus opinion of Phantom Limb’s current condition? He appears to be missing at least a leg, and an appendage of unspecified character (what does everyone think the Alchemist decided to keep? An arm? A schlong – must be huge, btw?). Yet people are speaking of him as though he made a getaway.

Perhaps it’s like a lizard and his tail. The Limb can drop them so he can get away, though in this case, I don’t think it’ll do him much good. The entire Guild’s after him now, and even Brock, who’s the baddest mofo evah, treats them with respect.

Since the possibility of Dr. Girlfriend announcing that she is a man is next to 0, what WILL her big secret be?

Having heard Brock say it the way he did, I think the name “Dr. Girlfriend” is even cooler than I did before. I’m guessing that she either is related to the Ventures, or is getting back into supervillainy. Maybe she’s pregnant - or who knows, maybe she really did say that she’s a transsexual and they went with the obvious to fool us. I hate how long we’ll have to wait to find out.

I suspect it’s a leg and his genitals. His torso and head are visible, so unless we see those, I’d assume he’s alive.

Dean’s fantasy sequence didn’t do it for me, but most of the rest of the episode rocked.

My geekiness falls more along the lines of laughing out loud when Bowie’s other henchman was identified.

Patrick Warburton does such a great job as Brock. It was an inspired bit of casting.

I wonder what else the minions’ wings can do?

Pregnant or a trannie? Those seem to be the two choices. But maybe Doc and Jackson will fool us all.

Brock dressed in Monarch gear was hilarious. And I liked the Bond reference with the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend drifting away in their cocoon.

So when does season 3 hit the air?

Point of order: I wanted to kill him. Because… I, I bet he’s an abomination or something.

I was a little let down. Like Marley23, I didn’t think Dean’s fantasy sequence worked very well. (And I swear the Alchemist is actually taking on Master Shake’s personality along with his voice.) I think the best laughs came from Brock and Hank.

I completely agree on Dean’s worthless fantasy, but they had to get Billy, White, and Triana into the finale somehow. This also explains Orpheus et al. on the X1; I like the characters of Orpheus, the Alchemist/Master Shake, and Twilight, but their story sort of petered out from a promising start (dumpy middle-aged guys working as super-heroes, “chasing the same guy over and over”).

Bowie as the Sovereign was predictable, but handled masterfully. I was afraid the Bowie references would be too obscure for most (Klaus Nomi?), but it worked for me, and I think others on this board as well (what did 23 say to 24 about “Changes 1? You tool, that’s a best-of!”).

“You are such a poser!”

Forgot—that was a great line.

I think it was cool that Patrick Warburton, formerly The Tick, was dressed in an outfit a little like Arthur’s.


I agree. His voice is really distracting to me.

Shoot, was this show the season finale?

Oh, and lets not forget Dr. Venture and the Monarch bitching at each other about cocoon. The way the Monarch matter of factly says “That’d be gay” is perfect. Apparntly you can take the butterfly thing too far…


Crap, I didn’t know that either.

I saw that in one of the bumps for the episode just prior to the two-parter. It referred to the twi-parter as a season finale.

I hope I just misremember it.