Attention Venture Brothers fans!

Two things I feel I need to share with you this evening.

  1. In case you didn’t know, the new season debuts June 1st, at 11:30 PM on [adult swim].

  2. In also case you didn’t know, there is a weekly t-shirt offering. From when the first episode starts until the next one airs, you can order the t-shirt of the week. Once the next episode starts, a new t-shirt is unveiled and you can no longer buy the one from the previous week…ever (well, not ever, cause I’m sure they will show up on eBay and conventions cause lots of people will buy several to sell.) You can also sign up in advance to buy all the t-shirts for $250 (a risky gamble, since you have no idea what 12 of them will look like,) but you will save the cost of over one shirt, and get a free bonus shirt.

So I’m already too damn poor but now i have to find a way to scrounge up $250 by June 1st…damn.

Anyone need a spare kidney?

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a fairly spoiler-free preview of season 3. There’s no major plot points revealed, just small snippets of dialog.

I have been on tenterhooks waiting to find out what the deal is with Dr. Girlfriend. Pregnant? A tranny? Cheating on The Monarch?

I’m going to try to have a VB party on Friday to get everyone up to speed on season 2.

Go team Venture!

bounces up and down like a four year old on a sugar high


Thank you!

I’ve been desperately seeking the perfect bday gift for The Boy and you’ve just handed it to me. Huzzah! Now I just need to worry whether I want to sign him up for the full run, or just buy a one or two as they catch my fancy.

(…and of course, I’m also ridiculously excited about the new season, but that’s secondary to my glee over finding The Perfectest Gift EVER right now)

I’d order a shirt, but American Apparel shirts don’t fit me well.

How long has it been since the last new VB epsiode? It’s been over a year, right?

Closer to two, actually. It took [as] a long time to give AstroBaseGo an answer on if they were greenlit for season 3 (almost as long as they took to greenlight season 2.) But on the plus side, they greenlit seasons 3 and 4 at the same time, so production for season 3 is coming to and end right now, and then they will be able to immediately start on season 4.

Too bad the seasons are still only 13 episodes, though.

And AA shirts do run on the smaller side, so just order one size larger than you usually do, and they fit pretty well. But it’s the trend nowadays to have tighter, form-fitting, shirts, so them’s the breaks.

Yes! (Out of order):

No, too easy.


Possibly. I’m thinking with Rusty’s offspring.

But they never had sex, according to her. And we have no reason not to believe her. I think the pregnant thing is too obvious, especially with the lines in the first half of “Showdown at Cremation Creek” with The Monarch commenting that maybe her breasts had gotten bigger.

Personally, I think she’s going to mention that her and Dr.Venture are related somehow. Not his sister, but maybe cousins? That’s why she’s been so insistent that The Monarch stops arching him, and why she both didn’t have sex with him when she turned him into a caterpillar, and then turned him back human.

I’m going to guess that she’s Hank and Dean’s “mother”…

Sorry, but I can’t resist…


Okay, all better now.

Oh, no Crazy Lady from Season 2 looks enough like Hank that I buy that she’s their mother.

It’s either the transvestite thing (I love Brock’s comment; “I’m still looking for the scars”), or she’s pregnant with The Phantom Limb’s child.

Me want season 3 big time. Watch you long time! You number one comic funny!
I’d give several teeth to be able to do a reasonable Dr. Orpheus impression. Instead I come off sounding like Col. Klink. :frowning:

My prediction: Dr. Girlfriend is going to launch a solo career.

I promised the wife I’m only going to buy one shirt, but what if week one is so fucking cool that I just have to have it, and then a few weeks down the line there’s another, even more awesome shirt? This fiendishly clever t-shirt promotion is tearing my family apart!

I honestly think it’s one of the best…shows…ever. And I say, she’s pregnant.

Well, week one’s shirt is already up. Nor for sale, but you can see what it looks like (it’s the logo for the Guild of Calamitous Intent.)

Good lord, $22 per shirt, $250 for 14? I’d be too scared to wear 'em.

Remember how they started season 2 with making EVERY fan prediction come true? The boys were clones, the Venture Bros are now Rusty and Thaddeus Jr, Orpheus will bring them back? Maybe they’ll do the same thing this time too.

So…Dr.Girlfriend, who is related to Dr.Venture, is now pregnant with his kid, The Monarch’s, and Phnatom Limbs. Also, she used to be a man, and is the real mother of Hank and Dean.

Insanity!!! And I love all of it!

I mean…it is technically possible to be pregnant with three different guys children, right? Your ovary releases three eggs, and one sperm from each of them fertilizes one egg? I seem to recall stories of it happening with two guys and twins, so, while statistically very improbable, it’s still possible, yes?

“I’m still lookin’ for scars on her.”

I love week one’s shirt. I will be a certified guild member!

My husband and I want to only buy one shirt each, but I agree, what if there’s a later one that’s too good to pass up? What will I do!

I can’t wait for Sunday!