The Venture Brother's appreciation thread

OK, on August 6th a new episode of the fantastic *Venture Brother’s *is finally airing after a torturous hiatus. I’ve searched Google and Yahoo to get a fix of classic VB moments and it comes up severely lacking (or my Google-Fu just ain’t up to par). So Doper’s, give me your favorite quotes so I can laugh again at times gone past. If any of these are wrong I can’t be held accountable, there are few VB resources on the Web. Some of my favorites:

“Today you are no longer butterflies. TODAY…YOU…ARE…MURDER…FLIES!”

“Woah Dean, you gotta try this! It’s like someone with a fever is screaming at my junk!”

“As usual, your detective skills are impeccable, Samson. You have succeeded in exposing my sinister plan to lock myself in a dungeon, chained to an albino.”
-B. Underbheit

“Why is it every time I need to get somewhere, we get waylaid by jackassery?”
-Dr. Venture

From the episode that made me buy season two:

Ted: You were right, Sonny, they were ghosts!

Sonny: And this dog can fucking talk, man!


Aaaaargh! My friggin’ arm!
-Unfortunate Ghost Pirate Who Just a Second Ago Was Swabbing the Sampson Poop Deck

I’m sorry, Sitnam, but can I ask for a cite that the August 6 episode will be new? The Adult Swim site lists the episode for that date as Return To Spider-Skull Island, which was the first-season finale. I know the Venture Brothers have been picked up for a third and fourth seasons and I’m eagerly looking forward to all new episodes, but I’d like to be sure the episode this coming Sunday will be indeed, all new.

Nevermind, I’m on crack. It was late last night (I had a few beers in me by then) and I looked it up only to be easily confused. But a correct answer would not go amiss here, does anyone know when the new ones will be out?

In case you missed it, not only are they Scooby-Doo parodies, they’re also parodies of (respectively) Ted Bundy and David Berkowitz (of the “Son of Sam” killings, with the dog being Sam/Scooby-Doo). The other two are Eileen Wuornos (Velma) and Patty Hearst (Daphne).

Not a verbal quote as such, but I love the scene where the Monarch henchman ( who lives with his Mom ) starts whistling some theme music, walks to his closet and “punches a code” into thin air before opening the closet to get his butterfly getup.

The bit about how Venture’s virtuality reality machine was powered by the heart of an orphaned child; I didn’t use the whole thing !

From the court scene when Dr. Orpheus is asked to swear and pulls out a book with a gruesome animated face : “Keep your fingers clear of its mouth, he’s a nibbler !”

Ooh, yeah, that was a great part. He was singing Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War, from his suite The Planets. That has been used a lot in popular films, and inspired other film music.

I think the best part is when the other henchman pulls up out front of the house, singing along as well, and beeping his car’s horn in time with the song.
Dr. Orpheus is hilarious; I love how he uses overly flowery language even when talking to his daughter - something like “There are four pudding cups left; you may partake of one.” And his exclamation over the heart of the orphan: “You used the heart of a forsaken child?!”

Dr. Girlfriend, in the episode that takes place in the restaurant with the Venture boys on a “date” and half the cast showing up in the men’s bathroom - I noticed she wears MAC cosmetics. In the commentary track, the creators were bitter that no one from MAC even noticed, while the Magic the Gathering team was all thrilled over their reference and sent tons of goodies. Earth to guys: Many more geeks work at the latter company. (I just happen to be a MAC-wearing geek…)

It is the best show on television. Only Arrested Development or Mystery Science Theater hold equal esteem in my mind, and they’re both done.

New episodes start, I believe, in early 2008.

FYI Jackson Publick has a livejournal in which he talks about the current goings-on making season 3. It’s a great source of news and anecdotes. They just posted some new backgrounds, one is of Billy and Perry White’s bathroom. Pretty fun.

On the commentary track for Season one, was it me or did Jackson Publicks real voice sound disturbingly similar to Billy, Boy Genius? That’s the voice I imagine now when I read his live journal.

A friend of mine met him a few weeks ago and said the same thing.

Yeah I knew that, I just didn’t want to make my explanation too long. Didn’t seem relevant to the quote.

But man, that episode is amazing.


By the way, which Venture Brother are we appreciating in this thread? Hank, Dean, Rusty, Jonas? The Monarch (maybe)? :smiley:

I liked the House of Mummies episode- that time-traveling, middle-of-a-trilogy thing let them do some excellent, crazy stuff with flashbacks/forwards.

Oooh, somehow I got the idea that Velma’s character was supposed to be Valerie Solanis (the attempted assassin of Andy Warhol).

The character’s name was Val, so you may be right. Wikipedia agrees with you.

:smack: Good catch!

The VB isn’t as quotable as other shows. There are plenty of good lines, but it seems like the funniest stuff is in situations rather than dialogue. Things like:

-Brock brutally running down the Monarchs henchmen.

-Dr. Venture washing the walking eye a la Cool Hand Luke.

-The send-up of Apocalypse Now.

-Helpers antics.
That said, I do like the Monarch yelling at No. 2 and no. 24, “I don’t care who would win in a fantasy death match between Anne Frank and Lizzie Borden!” Or when Dr. Orpheus burned The Monarchs shoes: “You Dick!”

Also, the show is totally in tune with the gaming geek crowd. 2 and 24 are such perfect geeks.

Repeats of this on Sunday nights are the reason my ass is dragging every Monday morning. I have got to get the shows on DVD.

Patrick Warburton as Brock Sampson is just thge best friggin’ voice casting ever (for my money.)

Hank & Dean: “Go Team Venture!”
Brock: “I don’t know - they just do that.”

That’s the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies.

Dr. Orpheus is one of my favorite characters ever. If I could run around talking like him and keep my job, I would do it in a heartbeat, as from a young age, I was most prodigiously vocabularious.

So have we established approximately when new episodes should start airing?