Venture Bros. 9/18

Oh man, this was a great episode. Great Fantastic Four parody. And great guest appearance by Race Bannon. The more I see this show the better it gets.

Now I’m anticipating this next episode even more… thanks, Amp. :wink:

(I’m on the west coast, so it’s another hour until I get to see it.)


I thought I would hate the show when it premiered, mostly because the godawful “Stroker and Hoop” was the week before and I kept getting them crossed in my mind. Once I actually sat to watch it, I was hooked, and I’m so sorry I missed the first two episodes. I could just watch the opening credits over and over.

This week was no disappointment either. They do great visual gags.

Go Team Venture!

I love this show, but more importantly, I love Cartoon Network to have the courage to air it. :slight_smile: Now, if they’d only start airing some Johnny Quest again, so some youngin’s would have a fighting chance of getting the jokes… :slight_smile:

I’ll second that. They have some really fantastic stuff, and I started to seriously jones for another Venture Bros episode last night at about 11:31 pm.

I haven’t seen the episode in question yet, but my favorite moment on the series so far:

Dr. Venture is trapped in the Bisbydome, and they’ve given him truth serum to get him to reveal his father’s secrets. The interrogator says “State your name.” He gets up, starts traipsing around the room, turning on lamps, and says, “From the top: Lisa. Carol. Fremont.”


Slightly off-topic, but somebody help me out here:

What was the name of Dr. Orpheus’ teenage daughter (Dean’s love interest) in the episode Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Magic?

Dean: Is your name “Pumpkin”?
Triana: No, it’s Triana.

I liked the episode last week when Brock killed the “ghost” pirate. The pirate captain was appalled and shouted, “Did you have to kill him?!” And Brock just shrugged his shoulders. It was so nonchalant. It was hilarious.

Thanks, all I could think of was Tirana and I was pretty sure that wasn’t right…

“Tom? It’s me, Rodney—the ‘Action Man’? Boy, we sure had some great times together…but that was thirty years ago. You’re dead. We’ve all moved on. Carol’s remarried—to me, as a matter of fact…”

::screaming starts again::[/spoiler]

God, I love that episode. And I love this series. I hope it doesn’t get canceled out of pique, or to make room for Jackie Chan reruns, or anything.

Heh, heh, heh…

Venture Bros: Go Team Veture!
Brock: [embarrassed] I don’t know. They just do that.

First thing Race says to Samson, “You look nice.”
Last thing he says, “Tell Johnny I love…”

Master Billy Quizboy, Mr. White, and Professor Impossible first appeared in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, the pilot

Are Hank and Dean fraternal twins, full-brothers, half-brothers, or what?

I’m guessing they’re half-brothers. They don’t look very much alike and, frankly, I’m having a hard time believing Dr. Venture could convince a woman to have sex with him more than once…

frats, of course

:eek: :smiley:

OK, I can buy that.

But I stand by my thesis that Dr. Venture gets very few second dates.

This show is awesome. I really can’t remember the last time I anticipated a show every week so much. It’s as though weeks have become twice as long since the show’s debute’s.

My favorite episode so far is the one where the Monarch teams up with the other bad guy. The little scenes with the mothmen socializing with the ninja soliders were just great.

I thought this episode was decent, but nothing special compared to the rest of the shows. Then again I wasn’t a big Fanstatic Four fan.

My favorite episode is definately the pirate one (Mystery of the Saragasm?). Between the opening Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom? and js_africanus’ spoiler its’ gold.