Venture Brothers 10/30 - Spoilers!











No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No!!

PS. Best episode yet!!

This show has brought me more surprises then almost any other I’ve seen. I can’t believe what they did! Damn good episode though. Laughed the whole way through. Well right up until … you know.

Damn! Damn! Damn! It’ll be more then a year till the next episode comes out. I’m positive it will be continued but it’s so long. I’m freakin’ out man!

This was certainly the best episode to date, IMO, and I was laughing hard several times.

I was waiting for “something to happen”, post-credits… and when it didn’t… well, I was very shocked.

Very good episode, for many reasons.

But surely… with the wonders of mondern science, they can… :frowning:

But man, that scared straight part? I think I sprained something laughing so hard. :smiley:

Aren’t they just clones? Couldn’t Dr. Venture whip up another batch? Still :frowning: .

Aw, crap, I completely forgot that they show stuff during the credits. Did I miss anything? Don’t tell me the Easy Rider ending was actually true.

Augh! I missed it! Blasted cable was out in my dorm when I planned to catch the rerun at 2:30. Damnit all. And stupid Aqua Teen is on tomorrow, too. Just wonderful. The one time I need them to replay a Venture Bros. episode and they’re not going to.

I just loved the coldness of Dr. V’s ‘get their clothes’ line.

Had it been stated previously that they were clones? I thought I’d seen every ep. and I don’t recall that ever mentioned.

Great show. Great season.

“Holy shit! You’re Dean Fucking Venture! King, here’s your cigarette, give me my bitch back!”

Personally, I loved the ending. I mean, c’mon; didn’t Hank and Dean get on anybody else’s nerves? Sure, I suppose they’ll have to be resurrected for the next season (after all, the name of the show is “The Venture Bros.”), but I’ve been waiting the whole season for someone to slap down those two.

Not directly, as far as I remember. Although, in Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean, when Dr. Venture learns that Dean’s balls have “done a 180”, he says, “I blame myself. I could have fixed this in the prototype stage.”

My prediction: In the next season the Monarch will realize that he actually doesn’t hate Hank and Dean (it was all a post-hypnotic suggestion by Dr. Girlfriend in The Trial of the Monarch) and in a fit of remorse, he’ll use Grover Cleveland’s Presidential Time Machine (see the opening of the Are You There, God? episode) to undo the damage wrought by his henchmen.

Good call, forgot about that!

Holy crap!

I just realized: They don’t have to bring back Hank and Dean! With the introduction of the Jonas Jr. character, we still have a set of Venture brothers that can assume the series’ title roles!

This ending may be every bit as dark as it first appears. Kudos to the writers–a well crafted cliffhanger that survives meta-analysis.

Dr. Orpheus is a necromancer, people! Bringing people back from the dead is what they do! I’m sure his talents will be put to use accordingly.

“F— you, give me a dollar!”

I think he will!!

I think it will next play on Monday, December the 6th. Not too long.



There’s three ways this could go. And there could be a very good episode constructed from a conflict between Dr. Orpheus’s necromancy, and Rusty Venture’s cloning activities.

There’s going to be a Christmas special this year.

Me and you both brother. They were my least two favorite characters in the show. Still, I found the ending unsettling. It was all very sudden, and we’re not going to know wether the show is going to be picked up for a second season, whether Dean and Hank are coming back, or where the show is going, for a very long time.

Best line of the entire series:

“Oh, you think you’re hot champaign in a tall wine glass, but your actually cold diarheah in a Little Mermaid paper cup!”

There’s some other lines from this epside that had me in stitches, but this is the only one I can remember.

Do we know if any more episodes are going to be made and played for sure?

Actually (although it was bleeped, where I live), I thought it was “You think you’re hot shit in a tall champagne glass, but etc.

Plus, it’s possible that the clones wouldn’t replace Hank and Dean—Dr. Venture might just intend to transplant Hank and Dean’s brains from their ruined bodies into new ones. The “prototype stage” comment might indicate that Dr. Venture had already done such a body-swap before, and had run into the usual glitches during development.

BTW…did anyone else see the Venture Bros. pilot that the re-ran, sometime last night (or early this morning)? I didn’t even know it was going to be on—I just had my VCR running to record Animatrix, and I ended up catching the first half of the pilot before my tape ran out.

It was interesting…it looked like they were using “Flash” to do the animation, but the characters and writing were pretty much the same. (The Monarch looked a little different, and Dr. Venture was more obviously a pill-popper.) Memorable quotes:

“Your gut feeling was right, Brock…these weren’t fossil dinosaur bones at all! They were robot bones!”

“It looks like we got another mummy caught in our landing gear.”
::Brock fights, and easily defeats said mummy…and then pisses on it."
“Was that really necessary?”
“You have to defile the body completely or they come back to life…you know that.”