Heads up! New 'Venture Brothers' on tonight, 10:30 EST!

Almost missed it myself.

Yeah, and they are showing the last ep of last season right now!

Bless you, Revtim! I’ve known about this for weeks, but just got back from a long vacation and had completely forgotten.

It’s now set to tape, thanks to you.

I forgot about this months ago. Thanks for the reminder!

…I have to say, we’re off to an odd start.

I meant to start this, my bad.

My cable is being stupid right now. I have sound, but the picture is stuck on a frame from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Hopefully the situation solves itself before 2:30, but I somehow doubt it…

What was that at the end with the Monarch after he came out of the pipe?

Dr.Venture’s right half.

Ah! Of course.

What was the deal with Jonas’s voice? It wasn’t right at all. Still, it’s nice to see they haven’t lost their edge at all.When you have death prone kids, you keep a few extra clones in the lab. :smiley:

It’s funny, because it looked like they used as many of the theories about what would happen in season two as possible.

  1. They were clones (the biggest theory, mostly because it was backed up with a few passing references in a couple episodes.)

  2. Dr.O brings them back from the dead.

  3. They just come back with no explaination (not quite what happened, but if Dr.O wasn’t around, then this could easily have been what happened, since Dr.V and Brock are so non-chalant about it.)
    It’s a pity we didn’t get to see Gover Cleveland’s Presidential Time Machine get used, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and another popular idea is that Jonas, Jr. and Rusty would be the new “Venture Brothers,” and the opening sequence and first part of the episode was using that theory.

It’s a bit late now, but the actual première was last Friday. For future reference, new episodes air first on the Adult Swim website between 6pm Friday and 6am Saturday before they go to TV. This goes for all the cartoons, not just Venture Brothers.

I caught that, too. Ingenious! The montage about how the previous Hanks and Deans died was hilarious. (“Gas leak – the silent killer.”)

I think my favorite previous death was “running with scissors.” :slight_smile:

What really cracked me up about that was they weren’t even sharp scissors, they were the blunt edged safety kind.

Was I the only one who had to slo-mo their TiVo to catch what it was that decapitated them?

They both drove their hoverbikes under a clothesline!