Was it a time traveler?

John DiFool was kind enough to share This link in a thread in GD

In short, it looks like a guy in drag talking on his cell phone in a 1928 movie. It’s very trippy. What are you’re theories on what this guy could be doing?

FTR: I don’t really think it’s a time traveler. It does boggle the mind tho’.

Haven’t we discussed this before?

It’s an old woman holding her hand up to her face. I’ve seen an old woman do the exact same thing.

Cell phones don’t work with out cell towers. Should be a picture of the cell tower for that area lying around somewhere . . .

Could be a satellite phone…

It looks like she’s pulling the collar of the coat up around her, but the picture wasn’t that clear.

Perhaps that other thread was started by a time traveler & the real discussion is happening… only… now…
awkward silence
Imagine, posting through time. Could you tell Lincoln the play got a bad review? Could you Tweet Custer? What would you say? “Duude! You’re F-cked!” Of course getting Custer to even carry a phone might be a problem (the man wouldn’t even bring Gatling guns) . Then there’s signing him up for Twitter, getting blue check certified so it wasn’t one of the 10,000 people posing as Custer.
(“Hey, George Armstrong Custer didn’t have a cousin Morty from Queens…”) And then there’s being read through all the angry Tweets he’d receive. (“What the Hell is ‘Team Sitting Bull’ and why would I care you’re on it? Lieutenant! Block these posters…!”)

Good one.


Nothing like a little deja-vu while discussing time travel.

Czarcasm-Master of Search-Fu.

Clearly it’s a time phone. A cell phone like device able to communicate across time. The towers only have to exist in one time frame, so none were necessary when the film was shot. She’s probably talking to someone in the future about the zebra statue.

Interplanetary time/space traveler. All the signals from earth go out into he cosmos. Someone from another planet liked the movie soooooo much they wanted to be part of it.

Is it a time traveler, or is it a fuzzy image of a gesture whose meaning isn’t obvious?

Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

If you hear hoofbeats, is it more likely a zebra, or a unicorn walking backwards and thinking about Ibsen?

Is that like laying back and thinking of England?

Old lady? That’s a man, baby!

Austin Powers reference? You must be a time traveler.

She’s mocking cell phone users obviously.

It’s like the episode of the Burns And Allen Show (TV) where Geroge has two great ideas to make money.

Frozen yogurt
Diet beer

Just a bit ahead of his time, like this lady was

Please be a whoosh.

Please be a whoosh.

Please be a whoosh.

It’s a communicator.