Was Jack Kramer a male chauvinist?

I saw the movie Battle of the Sexes, which is about the Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs match. I knew about the match and the basics of its setup.

The movie portrays Jack Kramer as a huge chauvinist who really believed that women deserved less pay than men. I wish I could remember details perfectly from the movie, but the gist is that he really was against women players being treated with respect and that he hoped that Bobby Riggs would win the match. In fact, King refused the match if he commentated, so he pulled out.

I’m wondering if there is any record of his comments on women. I am also wondering what he thought or said after the match(King won). The movie really portrayed him badly and I bet his family was steamed when they saw it. He’s basically the villain of the movie, while Riggs is naturally portrayed as the scammer/gambler we all figured he was.