Was Jesus allegedly handsome?

Any mention in the gospels of whether or not Jesus was a handsome or not particularly attractive man?

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No, there is no reference to His physical appearance anywhere in the Gospels.

Isaiah 53:2b, which is interpreted by many Christians as a prophecy of the Messiah (others disagree), says:

So according to this, He was not a handsome person. But nobody knows.


I heard he was hung…

What Shodan said. I’ve always been taught that he was about as average looking as one could possibly be.

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Wasn’t he bald? I saw this article about how all the oldest paintings of him show him bald on top, but they added hair later.

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None of the oldest paintings of Him were made by anyone who ever saw Him during His time on earth. So that doesn’t tell us anything either.

Nothing is known about Jesus’ appearance.


No cite for this, but I’ve heard that the image on the Shroud of Turin is the basis for the conventional image of Jesus with which we’re all familiar: long, ectomorphic face, narrow chin, high forehead, huge eyes, and, straight, slender, not-at-all Jewish nose. I’ve also read that artistic representations of Jesus, and especially of the crucifixion, were rare during the Roman Empire, and those that were done usually showed Jesus as a clean-shaven, square-jawed Roman.

Jesus, of course, never sat for a portrait and probably would have considered it sinful to do so. Jews of his time never painted portraits or made busts of each other, that was all Greek and Roman and heathen and against the Second Commandment, etc.

Yeah, like this! (Spreads arms as wide as he can)

Whether genuine or artificial, I think the Shroud represents an authentic tradition of JC’s appearance & I don’t see the face as particularly handsome or the nose as particularly narrow- he has basically a hangdog expression (understanding that he wasn’t having his best day L) rather like David Schwimmer (Ross on FRIENDS) or a Semitic Harry Dean Stanton.

He was probably fairly good looking. Cult leaders generally are, on account of the charismatic thing goes a long way in recruiting. But I don’t think he looked anything like the North American/European depiction of him. I think he must have looked a lot more like Bin Laden than Brad Pitt.

I recollect as how Muhammad describes meeting Jesus during his enlightening spiritual journey, and describes Him as being freckled. As “freckled” is universally recognized as the very epitome of human attractiveness, I think we can take this as fairly authoritative.

Couldn’t swim, though. Had to walk.

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Whores gave him thier money? Careful, there. People have a hard enough time with Jesus as long haired hippy freak, but a pimp daddy? Whoaaa.

And I’ve heard the Da Vinci looked an awful lot like this too…

I guess that is another thread though.

If I remember my Sunday school days correctly, Christian teachings make kind of a big deal about how Jesus could have been born a wealthy prince but he chose to be poor, humble, etc. Choosing to be poor, humble, but really fine-lookin’ doesn’t seem very Christ-like, so I’d think that most believers would have to believe that Jesus was no better than average in the looks department.

Sounds more like Buddha to me. But I’m no religious scholar.

Buddha was born a wealthy prince. Jesus is the one who was born in a barn.

God could, presumably, do whatever he wanted, so (within the context of the story) Jesus was born in humble circumstances by choice. Prince Gautama made a similar choice to renounce earthly riches, but not until he achieved enlightenment as a young man.