Was Kathy Griffin insulted or complimented?

Lemon’s remark was inappropriate, but less inappropriate than Griffon’s behavior. Yes, the behavior was a performance - a performance of inappropriateness. Saying something inappropriate in response is still inappropriate, especially since Lemon seemed to take the performance at face value, rather than a deliberately performed behavior.

I think you’re probably right. Still, short of Kathy Griffin actually creating an account and telling us… we’ll probably never know for sure.

And I’m sure she’ll get right on that. :rolleyes:

“LGA Tower, this is Bacon flight 16… we’re on final approach to the barn. You should show us on shoat… copy?” “Roger, Bacon flight 16, runway 13 is greased & ready to sizzle…”

Kathy’s performance made me think first of a callout to the unusually mild weather they were having in New York and secondly and indirectly to the last couple of years’ trend of toplessness in Times Square during the warm months which Mayor Blaz has wanted to get rid of. If instead of Times Square it were at Herald Square, she could do it in front of Victoria’s Secret and claim *that *as inspiration.

People have been down on Don Lemon over it and making all sorts of “drunk Don Lemon” tweets last two days but really, it looked to me at the time as Don simply riding the “let’s make our co-hosts squirm” bandwagon. The Cooper/Griffin schtick involves Anderson being himself in-character as the “nice, safe, family-friendly classy gay guy” who she seeks to rattle and who tries to be the grownup and keep her under control in vain.

Brooke’s reaction sort of takes you out of it, too much fauxtrage is right. So maybe Don HAD been hitting the Abita in abundance at NOLA… still it was all safe for airplay and Griffin handled it beautifully.

Inappropriate Compliment, but if you can’t be inappropriate talking to Kathy Griffin from New Orleans, when can you?

Anderson Cooper may be desperate enough for money to take the job, but I’m not desperate enough for entertainment to watch them.

Yep. Pretty much what I was thinking.

She was looking for attention and he was obviously a little tipsy. I would agree with the person who said it was an inappropriate comment but given the situation an understandable one.

[Mr Peabody] “Come Sherman. Its time for some Lab work…” [/Mr Peabody]

I’m not a fan of hers but I must say that is a pretty nice rack.

Seriously? I don’t care. And I don’t mean that in a threadshit-y kind of way - just that, if you choose to take your top off on TV, you can’t complain about other people being inappropriate (not that Griffin was doing that).

Intended as a compliment and from all the post event media apparently the entertainment and intellectual highlight of the coverage. Two thumbs up, so to speak.

The comment was entirely appropriate for the circumstances.

She did look pretty good, I was surprised.

I doubt He’s desperate for money.

“Compliment, but he should have phrased it differently”

Not the “Nice rack” part, I mean (crass as it is), but the " I didn’t know you had all of that" part. - because, let’s face it, Kathy has liked whipping those puppies out ever since she got them done.

Damn, I’m getting old. While I enjoy looking at women in bras as much as the next guy, it just seemed to be something not classy for live TV. Of course, I haven’t watched TV for years, (living abroad and all that) so I have nothing to compare it too. Is this typical?

She might not have felt insulted, but what about the viewers? Last time I looked, for TV presenters to treat their onscreen interactions as a private party was a pretty risky approach to their audience.

Silly-ish “aside” here: I being from and in the UK – in these parts, the word “rack” as in the context of this thread, is not in common use: on first sight, I usually need a moment’s adjustment: “Nice rack?? What are they on about?” (I voted “Something else / in between”.)

I incline – foolishly – to associate the expression, with Rory Clements’s series of spy / murder thrillers set in Elizabethan England. A key character in these, is an enemy of the hero – said enemy is one Richard Topcliffe, expert and diligent interrogator and torturer of perceived traitors to the realm. This guy is a zealous patriot, much valued as such by Queen Elizabeth I, who considers him the best thing since yet-to-be-invented sliced bread. Unfortunately, he is also a sick-in-the-head sadist who delights in inflicting physical cruelty, and tends to let personal animosities overlap with his ardour to “root out the rats”.

Topcliffe’s being greatly in favour with his sovereign, helps in his being uniquely permitted to have a torture chamber of his own – including a rack – and blanket permission to use it, within his personal residence. It’s hard to resist the idea of the Queen graciously honouring Mr. Topcliffe by calling in on him at home; and complimenting him: “I have to say, nice rack”.

Ah I didn’t know she had taken her top off and walked around for a while in her bra like that. This changes the context from what I had assumed based on the headlines!

Pure compliment, no real need to rephrase. She was clearly up for the comment, and nobody got hurt.

If people are critical about this (other than complaints about professionalism or something–which, I mean, come on, New Years? And a lady in a bra walking around?) then I’d call that puritanism–and I tend towards the puritanical side myself so that’s saying a thing.

It was obviously planned in advance. She has two wireless packs on her, a microphone transmitter and an ear monitor system and one of them is just above her butt attached to skirt, and the other is attached to the back of her bra. The sound engineer wouldn’t have attached it to her bra if she hadn’t had worked everything out in advance with the director. I’m sure there is a piece of paper somewhere that had “8:45 PM: Kathy removes top” written on it.

Seriously, that was a very thick bra. It looked like a sturdy white bikini top to which someone had applied black lace bits to dress it up. Superman would have had a hard time seeing nipple.

She’s never been shy about getting naked in public or the huge amount of plastic surgery she’s had done. I would imagine that (1) it was probably a stunt and (2) she would be pleased given the effort she she’s put in.