Kathy Griffin: "I Don't Go To Your Job And Knock Dicks Out Of Your Mouth" On CNN

Here is a clip from Kathy Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve event…

Seems some people from the street were yelling some insults up at their stage.

Kind of an old anti-heckler smackdown. I prefer, “I don’t go to your job and rock the slurpee machine.” It’s more likely to hit a nerve.

I thought she was hollering at Anderson on first view:smack:

That’s not even true. One time Kathy Griffin did come to my job and knock dicks out of my mouth.

You were confusing his job with his hobby.

Obviously, it was meant as a sponsorship message and not an insult- that’s the new slogan for Grandma Betsy’s Biscuit Powder. (Previous slogan: “Suck it Jesus, this award is my god now!”)


This was on the TV on NYE but there was a big gay NYE party going on around it, so I couldn’t tell if she called Cooper “Anderson Closet” at any point in the evening or not…

Actually that wasn’t Kathy Griffin, it was Vicki Lewis. Griffin ripped her whole thing off.

Wasn’t co-opting Halloween from anybody over the age of twelve enough, they gotta make New Year’s their thing, now, too?*

*No gay-bash intended. I get cheesed off when ANY group begins taking over a formerly mass-culture phenomenon (such as North Jersey did with the NYC beefsteak party).


Who’s taking anything over? It was a big gay NYE party because it was hosted by a gay guy and his partner and most of the guests were gay men. Or did you think I meant that Times Square was a big gay NYE party? (It wasn’t, although I’m sure there were plenty of gay celebrants there)

Frankly, you couldn’t get me to Times Square on NYE even if it WERE filled with half-naked gay men packed nuts to butts. Standing in an impossible crowd for six hours or so waiting for a damn crystal ball to drop is a little much. I’d prefer to go to the Key West drag queen drop instead…

I daresay midwinter shrinkage would reduce the appeal even more.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me Perezhilton.com had banner ads with audio that made trying to watch the video impossibly annoying.

Here’s a chirp-free version.

I didn’t watch it- who did they have on?

Okay, two people misunderstanding means I wasn’t clear. I was at a big gay NYE party where the Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper Times Square commentary was on the TV.

You were at a big party and Kathy Griffin was being NYE and Anderson Cooper is gay in Times Square? WOW! :smiley:

Don’t forget the TV…she had on a GORGEOUS red silk dress!

And everyone kept knocking the dicks out of their mouths. It was a sight to behold.

Oh, down on the street, you mean? I honestly thought the reference was to the CNN show itself. :smack: Serves me right for not watching it. (I can’t stand the “new” Kathy. I miss the old, non-celebrity-obsessed, “natural” Kathy.)

No, no…I was AT a big gay NYE party, in Harrisburg, PA, at which the Griffin/Cooper NYE show was on the television.

Aaaaa, shit. I give up.

But you guys do own Halloween.