Drinking Booze on the Air (Live!)

Clicks aside, it seems to me that letting your anchors/hosts get snookered on air, to have them babble on about the Mayor or about why viewers don’t like them, is NOT a good idea.

It may be all about clicks and I get that but am I wrong?


Do you have an example, a link to a newscast pr podcast you could share?

I’m assuming he’s talking about Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on the NYE special. Cohen was hammered and went into a drunken rant about the mayor.

Desus and Mero just did it on their show. Both impressive and hilarious.

Andy, to a lesser extent, Anderson. Lemon was just very shit-faced. I’m thinking that most of the talent on most shows were toasted, too.

Seacrest, not so much. Maybe.

Yeah, but Andy was the only one who ranted against someone. I wonder whether they’ll yank him from New Year’s Eve, like they did to Kathy Griffin.

I was embarrassed for them both and clicked away to another channel.

I’m a fan of the Seth Meyers Day Drinking bits.

Works well for Graham Norton, he and his guests drink and they all look like it’s a good time.

A spokesperson today said they’d have him back next year. They didn’t say if they were planning to cut off the alcohol this time. (Though part of the attraction of watching the ball drop on CNN rather than another network probably is seeing what trouble they get into.)

We watch CNN every NYE because the two Andys are so funny together.

And I wasn’t bothered by his DeBlasio rant, which lasted all of maybe 20 seconds (and, as far as I know, he hasn’t apologized for.)

On the other hand, I was put off by the cutting from group of drunk people on the beach to group of drunk people in New Orleans to group of drunk people wherever the next group was. (I don’t think the people in PR were that drunk, but I could be wrong.) Which was made even worse by the juvenile joking (“Hyar hyar, we’re drinking! A lot!”) that took be right back to high school.

I alway thought that in the last episode of Cheers the actors should have been served real booze.

Well, the actors were genuinely drunk when they appeared live on, I think The Tonight Show, after the last episode aired.