NYE countdown show that's not awful?

All I want is a TV show that will actually have a live countdown to the ball drop and preferably one that does not have the withered husk of Dick Clark.

Shouldn’t be too much to ask for…

They’re all the same. Skip the tv and go find a real party. Just not in Times Sq.

I’m going to watch CNN’s New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. CNN has vowed to pull Kathy off the air if she says “fuck” again this year. The suspense is killin’ me.

I didn’t tune into anything until just a few minutes ago…

I thought Jenny McCarthy couldn’t possibly get any dumber. Also, I can’t understand Dick Clark at all this year.

New Kids on the Block plus the Backstreet Boys sounds like a bad Robot Chicken sketch.

I refuse to watch anything Jenny McCarthy is involved with. I did watch part of Anderson and Kathy. Meh. He seemed really uncomfortable.

Anderson Cooper always seems really uncomfortable.

I wonder if they put a clause in her contract to keep her from outing him. She’s pretty blatantly hinted at it in the past, without actually coming right out and saying it.