Was Kathy Griffin insulted or complimented?

I’m a little surprised that nobody else has posted about this.

At the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin were doing a live broadcast. Kathy (who is not exactly shy about her body) took off her coat, and briefly walked around in public and on live tv wearing just her bra above the waist. Toward the end of the segment, the broadcast went to CNN’s Don Lemon, who said to Kathy, “I have to say, nice rack. I didn’t know you had all of that.”

Now Kathy herself was apparently quite pleased with what he said. And she did look very nice indeed in just her bra. And it was really quite a nice-looking bra.

Video here.

Do you think that what Don Lemon said was a compliment or an insult? Or maybe something in between? Regardless, do you think he should have phrased it differently?

Sounds like he meant it as a compliment, like “Wow, you’re fuller in all the right areas than someone could tell…nice.” …but I can see how someone could take it as a backhanded insult as well. I don’t believe that was his intention, though.

Compliment. Though Anderson seemed rather uncomfortable.

Can I vote for inappropriate compliment?

That’s a 55yo woman! I didn’t know she had all that going on either.

Seems like he was drunk, so the question in the OP is kind of pointless. Why was she going around her bra, anyway?

So she won’t trip?

I vote for compliment since I think that’s how Kathy would take it. It’s also inappropriate but she is trying to be inappropriate. It’s not like either of the two guys is going to be coming on to her anytime soon. It might be a little creepier otherwise.

Compliment. If a woman is going to walk around in her bra on national TV she should expect people to notice her body.

She looks good for a 55 year old.

I think it was half-joke, half-compliment (I believe the old-school Internet equivalent is HHOS - “Ha Ha, Only Serious,” a variation on “Ha Ha Only Kidding”), and she took it that way like the comedienne that she is.

Besides, considering the stuff she has gotten away with over the past few New Year’s Eves, she’s not in much position to complain.

And am I the only one who remembers a time when CNN’s coverage of Times Square consisted of, “Toss a coin - heads, we show the last 15 seconds or so of the ball drop live; tails, we show the last 5 seconds or so about 5 minutes after the fact”? The “complete” live coverage started in 2000 as part of the all-day-long coverage, but they actually did a split screen with Times Square and DC, where they did something similar with the lighting of the Washington Monument (covered with scaffolding at the time).

Kathy handled it Fine. Anderson handled it Ok. But it was still inappropriate because Chris’ on-air partner in the blue blazer (Brooke Baldwin?) FREAKED.

Chris should know how sensitive the people who he’s working with are and he should have shown better judgement. That was probably as close as we’ll ever get to seeing Brooke Baldwin go ballistic on air, btw.
My best bet as to how Kathy laughed it off so well (and why she even “shimmied”) was her response to Brooke’s face on Live TV, not to the comment itself.

The face she made right before “I’m cutting him off, I’m cutting him off” honestly made it look like he had just mooned the local PTA during a song from a church choir.

(…Then again it is Show Business and “thats why they call it acting” applies. Still if he had mooned the PTA and a local choir, I’d like to think Kathy might have laughed at that too. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Haved you watched the two of them in past years? Kathy’s whole schtik is making Anderson uncomfortable, and she does something more and and more outrageous each year.

Given that Kathy is a comedienne going for laughs by doing something grossly inappropriate herself, she could hardly object to a comment like that. And I’m pretty sure she’s made even more inappropriate remarks on the show herself.

When I first heard the story, roughly summed up as “Kathy Griffin took off her coat and revealed her bra, Don Lemon said ‘nice rack’” I was thinking “inappropriate compliment” since my mental image was she showed it off by mistake, but he was still just complimenting her in a positive way.

After watching the video, I’d have to just go with straight compliment. She’s clearly trying to be “inappropriate” herself (or at least flaunting it) so I don’t see what he said as inappropriate at all. She clearly seemed to enjoy the comment.

Yes, agreed. It’s Kathy Griffin, not exactly Demurey McDemureson. It would be weird if Don made the remark to, say, Malala or Michelle Obama. But to Kathy Griffin, who had just walked around in said bra? I’d say his response was right on the money!

IMHO, Don Lemon is an inappropriate person. He represents everything that’s wrong with CNN. But what else can you say in response to a woman parading around in a bra on live TV?

Plus, he’s gay. Gay guys can get away with stuff like that.

Now picture a white man said it.

She was asking for it.


She’s mostly famous for shoot-from-the-hip commentary and too-much-information anecdotes. I mean, it’s not like Lemon said it about Sasha Obama or Emma Watson.

I voted “compliment” even though it more fits under the category of “banter.”

Why is Lemon’s "nice rack"any more controversial than Cooper’s “You got a rockin’ bod, I must say” (at :57)?

And it looked to me like Brooke Baldwin was expressing faux outrage.

It’s a performance. She’s playing a character and so is he. It’s no more a compliment or an insult than anything else that happens in live theater. It’s perhaps a little confusing because they’re playing characters with the same names as the actors, but it’s certainly not real.