Was someone arrested during the filming of a game show (I think it was Hollywood Squares)?

When I was very young, I vaguely remember watching the Hollywood Squares game show, and having them stop the taping because someone, a contestant or a star, was being arrested. Was this just a weird dream I had, or did it actually happen? I haven’t found it on YouTube and I figure this would be all over the internet if it had actually been a thing.

I don’t think they were taping it while you were watching, so why would they air the incident? Could it have been a gag and you didn’t realize it when you were very young?

Possibly? I know now, of course, as an adult, that game shows aren’t taped live, and haven’t been for many, many years.

Still, the memory is very vivid. It could have just been a very bizarre dream I had. I still remember several dreams from that long ago.

Could you be thinking of this ?

Patrick Quinn/Kerry Dee Ketchum

This was a very interesting case and one that should make the game show fairly embarrassed. “Patrick Quinn” won a whopping $58,000 on Super Password in 1988, but his fortune turned out to be fairly short lived. “Patrick Quinn” was actually Kerry Dee Ketchum, a fugitive who was wanted in three states. A viewer recognized him, and tipped off the authorities. Ketchum was arrested when he showed up to claim his prize money. Ketchum was sentenced to five years in prison for faking his wife’s death to collect on a $100,000 insurance policy. It showed just how little of a background check TV game shows did at the time.


Did they air him getting arrested?


Or, if you’re really old, like my age, it could be an Allen Funt prank (from the TV show Candid Camera).

Not a game show but pro wrestler Billy Joe Travis was arrested on live TV during a broadcast of Memphis Wrestling.

There was an April Fools episode of Hollywood Squares where they got the host John Davidson.


I worked as professional extra/audience member for a few year back just after the turn of the century. This “profession” is the dumping ground for the otherwise unemployable crazy lunatics in Hollywood. There were many very nice and smart people too, but the lack of requirements beyond the ability to clap or laugh on command really attracted the worst who could barely do even that. It seemed like once a month or so some jackass on the wrong, or off the right, drugs would cause an incident and have to be escorted off the studio and/or arrested.

Weren’t the police at the MTV music awards waiting to arrest Snoop Doggy Dogg(as he was called at the time)?

Did they go on the set to Ketchum?