Was Stargate SG-1 Ever ... Nekkid?

OK, the Stargate SG-1 tv series (not the movie) was originally broadcast on the Showtime premium cable channel, and my wife watched it then and says she remembers it had naked nudity on it. I don’t remember any nudity, and I’m sure if Amanda Tapping had ever appeared nekkid on the show, there’d be about a million sites online with the pics and half of them would have a cutline saying, “I’d be tapping that ass!”

So, anybody got any input on this question of such great moment?

There was some female full frontal nudity in the pilot.

A woman getting a parasite thingy implanted.

Yup. Recently watched the pilot episode. Daniel’s wife got all nuded up.

Amanda Tapping? No.

There was nudity but it wasn’t Tapping

Amanda Tapping did appear naked in a later episode and Repilicator-Carter, but this was after the movie to SciFi so we didn’t actually see anyting.

Was there a lot of nudity or just the one scene in the premiere?

Anyway, I stand corrected. Thanks guys.

Yeah, I’ve seen that ep. It INVOLVED nudity, but it was the same kind of “nudity” you get whenever TV cop shows go to a strip club – you never see anything. For that matter, in “House of Wax” the 1950s version, the heroine is nude when she’s covered in wax, but she’s covered with a sheet so you don’t actually SEE anything naked. Showtime would undoubtedly have handled that scene differently than the SciFi Channel did.

That always amused me about that episide. I remember in an interview Amanda Tapping said something about how nervous she was because it was her first nude scene. Then after I saw the episode I was like “Why the hell were you nude for that?”. She could just have easily kept the private parts covered in that scene and we would never have known.

Closer to nudity for her is the Atlantis episode with McKay trapped in the jumper underwater.

It’s the thought that counts.

Pretty much just the one scene.

http:/ /copycap.iespana.es/vaib.htm (NSFW)

Collection of stills from scene.

That Michael Shanks is a major playa! He was with both Vaitaire Bandera AND Lexa Doig!

Those stills of Vaitaire’s scenes from the pilot ep… man…

Yep, premiere episode "Children of the Gods. There was some language too. In a recent interview, co-creator Brad Wright talked about a current project to re edit the pilot:

I remember the first episode of The Highlander TV Series had naked nudity and sex, but that’s all they were brave enough to attempt, and 'twas never tried again.

While I’m a big fan of nakedness and nudity, I don’t think it was a necessary part of Stargate, whose basic cheese was exotic alien worlds and peoples. There could have been an episode about a gate leading to a planet of naked hotties who defend themselves from alien invaders by having sex with them a lot, andf I would have been fine with that, but it’s just not important to the show in general.

On the other hand, Lexx could have used license for nudity and sex in MANY episodes, and it would have added a lot Xev Bellringer’s character and the general opportunities for randy humor on the show if they had.

Can anyone explain to me the difference between nakedness and nudity?

A shaved face or an unvarnished rocking chair can be naked, but not really nude.

Nude (usually) implies some sort of confidence whereas, more often than not, naked implies coyness.

The post above works as well for another difference.

Didn’t she do T&A in the film The Void?

Don’t take this the wrong way - it isn’t criticism - but you do strike me as something of a pervert.

Your opinions on such?

Humorist Lewis Grizzard used to say that “nude” means you’re not wearing clothes, and “nekkid” means you’re not wearing clothes and you’re up to something.