Was Teddy Roosevelt hit by a trolley car?

I have heard that President Theodore Roosevelt lost an eye when he was hit by a trolley car but I have not been able to find any confirmation on line except for this humorous piece written at the time. It is a pretty funny piece about the use profanity and I was going to post the following quote in a thread about profanity in the pit but Lynn closed it saying “this isn’t the forum or the message board for gratuitous vulgarity” which left me scratching my head.

So there it is for what it’s worth. But, to repeat the OP: Was Teddy Roosevelt hit by a trolley car and did he lose an eye as a result?

IIRC, TR lost the site in one eye (but not the eye) in a boxing match while he was President.

He was involved in (or narrowly escaped) a trolley accident in which the trolley driver was killed.

That’s from memory. I’m sure a TRaphile will be along to correct my errors and add the details.

He lost his eye in a boxing accidnt…


From this site:

Nametag, thanks for that link. The page is most interesting and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. TR has a most interesting biography. Now I have to wonder what the president of the US was doing boxing .

TR was into physical fitness before it became fashionable. He also played tennis, but wouldn’t allow himself to be photographed in tennis clothes because it thought it would be a bad image for him.

This was also a guy who went hunting a lot and decided to go to war pretty much for fun.

Boxing was and is still is considered to be a good form of exercise by some if you can get past the part about punching someone in the head so hard that you could give them a concussion. I doubt that TR was headgear.