Was that a B-24 over Plano, TX yesterday?

At 6:00pm I was in the parking lot of Albertson’s on 75 and Spring Creek. I saw a ssssslow-moving plane going West (more or less). It was far enough away that I could not identify it. It appeared to have twin vertical stabs and seemed bigger than a B-25. Am I bonkers or was it a B-24???

I don’t live quite that far east, but I’m going to hijack this thread for a minute to invite you and any other locals to my birthday party, May 4th

The Collings Foundation has a flying example in the U.S., and it does travel the country quite a bit. Closer to you, in Midland, the Confederate Air Force operates one as well. The B-24 is slightly smaller than a B-17, but it does have the double vertical stabilizers. Like the B-17, the B-24 has four engines.

Well, the Confederate Airforce is based in Texas and since they’re mostly likely the folks to be flying a B-25, its quite possible.

Addison airport has the Cavanaugh Flight Museum with lots of working World War 2 planes. They take these up once in a while. Since Plano is right there, I’d place odds that’s what you saw.

Yep, I saw two one after the other headed for Addison airport. As I recall one was a twin engine bomber type plane and the other was a four engine bomber. I was driving east on Frankford toward Midway at the time. It was neat seeing old planes like that. I’ve seen the old fighters at Addison’s festivals, but never the larger bombers.

According to the schedule on their site, they were in Dallas April 18-21, so I’d bet that’s what you saw. Just as an aside, I flew in a Collings B-17 when it came to Dallas a couple of years ago. Very cool.

Now I’m jealous. I’ve always wanted to fly in a B-17!

I saw what appeared to be a WWII era plane today in Richardson, seemed to be flying northwest. It wasn’t a B-24, though - it only had two wing engines, though they were pretty big, and a rather big tail. I can’t think of the name of the plane it looked like, but I can see it in my head. I just did a google search to see if I could find any of the old war-era plane recognition charts, but couldn’t.

Sounds like a B-26, possibly a B-25 Badtz Maru.

BTW, just what kind of japanese marine vessel are you?

Yeah, it very well could have been a B-25. It was pretty far away though so I can’t be sure.

I am a penguin.

Hey Tuckerfan, are we in some alternate timeline or something/? Don’t you mean Commemorative Air Force?

C’mon, capacitor, cut him some slack. It was the Confederate Air Force for 44 years; it has been the Commemorative Air Force for fewer than four months.

  • I just saw the Lufthansa pre-war Junkers 52 slowly cruising over Hamburg.

I was in the pattern with a B-24 once at Van Nuys. The bad news was that he was 500 feet low, and therefore at the helicopter altitude for the pattern, and we were on converging courses. The good news is that helicopters are flown from the right seat so I got a really good view.

No, those wiseguys named it the “Confederate” air force.

A Texas thing, I think.

I think it’s Confederate because it’s a collection of aircraft from different services and countries, not because of the South. (On the other hand, they do wear grey flightsuits.)

I dunno about the B-24, but I spotted a B-17 over Addison on Sunday. If it was the B-17G “Nine-o-Nine” then the B-24 “All-American” would be with it - the two are owned and flown by the same group.

I got a really good view, but we were driving, so we didn’t get to watch it for more than a few seconds.