Was that your dam dog I almost ran over?

Ok you are off to a good start, you have a leash on your dog, next time try hanging on to the leash. I may not want stop next time !

It amazes me that people let their dogs off the leash, and yet are amazed when bad things happen to the dogs.

A slight hijack (and this may distress some dog lovers, for which I am sorry). Years ago, in an attempt to protect all our cats from a cat-killing dog that repeatedly had gone into our back porch in an attempt to kill said cats, my sister and dad did some, well, uh, serious damage to said dog. In the attempt to protect our own cats, who were cowering, on our own property. Hey - it was either the cat-killing dog (whose owner allowed to run free, no matter what) or our cats. We chose our cats.

These things happen. I feel sorry for the dogs, I am angry at the irresponsible owners. People will feel entitled to protect their own animals, on their own property, from unleashed dogs.

I used to think I hated dogs. Now I think it is the dog owners I have the problem with.

Well, I (a dog owner) can state unequivocally, that I hate cats.

Most of their owners are ok, but cats suck.

Uh, and how does this relate to the subject of unleashed dogs being hurt (or worse), because their owners are irresponsible twits?

It doesn’t. – Thanks for playing.
I’m not an irresponsible dog owner. Daisy is always leashed. But if bagkitty can state her distaste for dogs and dog owners in general, then I figured my distaste for cats is fair game.
I even have valid reasons for hating cats. They’re all against me.

It would have helped if you addressed bagkitty directly then. While I suspected that was the motivation to your remark, using the little quote thingie would have made it totally obvious.

They’re out to get you! Mwahahahaa! :smiley:

Actually, I took bagkitty’s words a little differently. She said (emphasis mine):

I think she’s trying to say that her dislike on dogs was misplaced. It’s irresponsible owners (not people like you, obviously) who are the problem. Why she dislikes dogs in the first place, I cannot say. But I can say, while I hated the unleashed dog that tried to eat my cats, I can see the real blame is with the stupid owner, who wouldn’t leash their dog. You can’t hate something that isn’t allowed to roam in your yard, trying to kill your pets, after all.

Bagkitty is a boy (lowers underwear to confirm) – yep, still there, bagkitty is definitely a boy. As to why I have problems with dogs (checking scar tissue) yep, still there, bagkitty still has scars from dog attacks, BUT I GREW UP, and now I don’t blame the dogs, I blaming their ignorant owners.

Heh. Where I live off-leash animals quickly become coyote chow.

Vancouver is fun!

Sorry, for mixing up genders. That is my most debilitating fear on this board. I swear there will be a new screen name something like “Big Burly Trucker With A Hairy Chest” and it will turn out to be a woman.

Anyway … the real issue (now that I’m sober :slight_smile: ) …

I have no problem with dogs off leash in certain areas - and - if that dog is well trained. I let Daisy off leash in the yard, which is just a little shrubby area next to my building (I live in a warehouse neighborhood, so there isn’t a lot of traffic). But if she starts wandering off, or if another dog comes around to bug her, a quick whistle and she’s right at my feet.

There are other dogs in my building that are holy terrors and their owners beg and plead and scream at them until they’re blue in the face, and their dogs just ignore them. That drives me a little nuts.

Cats – every cat I’ve ever owned, or lived with (by virtue of a roommate owning it) has gone out of its way to piss me off. One used to scratch me no matter how nice I was to it – one shit and pissed all over the my bathroom (that one was a stray though) – and one pissed all over my bed the first night that she and I had moved in with a girlfriend.

Cats are evil. They know I hate them and they use my emotions against me. There’s something wrong with a creature that malicious.

When I worked in an animal hospital, this used to annoy us, the staff, as well. Guy brings his large, out-of-control dog into the lobby and DROPS THE LEASH. The dog starts roaming all over, goes down the hall to where the exam rooms are, and if a door happens to be open, said dog decides to “visit”, freaking out whatever pet and owner are in there. If I had a dime for every time I’d said, “Please hold on to your dog’s leash”, I’d be rich!

Another thing that annoys me: when dog owners make the collar too loose, so that even if the dog is on a leash, any amount of straining on the dog’s part, and it’s slipped out of it’s collar. I know people are worried about the dogs’ collar being too tight, but for god’s sake, if it can slip over the dog’s head with the slightest movement THEN IT’S TOO FUCKING LOOSE!

Inevitably when people brought their dogs in that had been hit by a car, it was because the dog was not on a leash. There was one bozo who had 2 boxers, and she said she wanted the dogs to be “free spirits”, meaning that she let them roam the neighborhood. One of the dogs gets hit by a car, and breaks it’s leg. After the dog heals up, about a month later, it gets hit by a car AGAIN and breaks a leg. The woman’s son said, “You’d think the dog would have learned its lesson the first time.” We were all biting our tongues with that comment. Eventually, the woman decided to put the dogs to sleep because they were “too much to handle”, even thought the dogs were really nice, and just needed some training. Selfish bitch, we even asked her if she wanted to try and adopt the dogs out. No, she wanted them to be put down.

Grrrr…this reminds me why I left the animal hospital. Working with the animals was fun, and the medical aspect was fascinating, but dealing with the bozos who owned the animals was VERY stress-inducing. It seemed like a large portion of our client base were either stupid, or ignorant, or both. This is why my cats are indoor-only cats. My husband and I are going to get a dog someday, and I will ALWAYS keep it on a leash. Because you never know.

i hate dogs. they act like dogs.

Jack Batty, I take offense at your last set of comments.

Cats are not evil. It sounds like you had the misfortune to own a couple of cats who were not right in the head. A friend of mine owned a cat who would be nice, and let you pet it and be all purry, and then WHAM! he’d turn around and nail you. He had been abused as a youngster, so everyone learned to just pet him a little bit and then leave him alone.
With regards to the cat who pissed all over your bed- that’s how cats sometimes show that they are upset. A move is stressful, especially for an animal (new place, new smells, etc.) Plus the fact that you had moved in with someone else probably had the cat a little freaked out. One of my co-workers at the vet’s had a dog who destroyed her boyfriend’s coat- the dog just didn’t like the guy. (As it turns out, the guy ended up being a jerk, and my friend broke up with him soon after)

When you say, “There are dogs in my building that are holy terrors and the owners scream at them and their dogs ignore them, that drives me nuts.” Well, it drives me nuts too. It’s not the dog’s fault though, it’s usually the owners. I saw too many people come into the vet’s office with puppies, and they’d say, “Sit” and the puppy would ignore them. Most people don’t realise that when you train a dog, you have to tell them and the show them what to do. And you can’t expect a dog to automatically know what “Sit” or “Heel” means. Or people don’t train the dog when it’s young and wonder why it’s a wild maniac when it’s older. But again, it’s not the dog’s fault. People need to realise that owning a dog is a lot of responsibility, and work.

I share you rant in regards to fucking dog owners who don’t give a shit about their dog and let it run loose all the time. I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow dogs, yet there are a couple of people who drive into our complex to let their dog loose so they can shit on our lawns. They don’t want to mess up their yard, so they come to ours!

The greedy and evil apartment owners also require cats to be completely declawed. So if one of these dogs decides to attack my cat, she’ll have little to no defense.

I understand that dogs get loose and it is sometimes a task to retrieve them. I remember as a kid going after my dog, and she would run away just as I was getting close. Apparently it was some little game to her. However, I was actively engaged in getting my dog back.

Many a dog owner doesn’t go looking for their dog. They just figure that it will come home sometime. When the dog is missing for two weeks, then they get concerned that they may have lost a member of their family.

Working in insurance, I have seen many a case where a dog gets run over. A nice honest person or delivery driver gets the information on the hit animal and lets the owner know. How does the owner respond? You ran over my dog, and I am going to sue you. It was amazing how many owners believed their dog went from mutt to pedigree just before the vehicle struck them! The greedy fucks obviously didn’t care enough about the dog to keep in out of traffic, however now they want money. Not only do they want a pedigree priced reimbursement for the animal, but also money for the pain and suffering as a result of the animal’s loss.

Dog ownership is a BIG responsibility, and owners need to take care of their animals and keep them safe.

Ok, ok, ok … just as long as we’re differentiating between “Fucking Irrisponsible Dog Owners” and “Dog Owners”. It’s the Fucking Irresponsible part that is the problem and not the Dog Owner part.

If my Daisy went missing for five minutes I’d freak out. Once when I left the door to my apartment open, she wandered out in the hallway. I didn’t notice right away, and when I whistled for her she didn’t come. I totally freaked out. I found her one floor down trying to sniff her way back to the apartment.

Now, when I leave the door open (for ventilation purposes) I block it so she can’t get out.

[sub]say what you will - all cats have it in for me - I know.[/sub]

I give you a new field of study for our psych friends :



Feline Paranoia Syndrome.

Personally I love cats . . . they taste like chicken.



Just to be clear:

bagkitty is male; bobkitty is female?

And cats are evil. That’s why I prefer them to dogs (which are just dim).

When I lived with my parents (a couple years ago…) we had a Doberman. We trained him in obediance with and without the leash. Even though the dog was perfectly trained and walked in step (is that the way to say it in English?) even without a leash, we’d keep him on a leash at all times when we were out of the yard.

One day, I’m walking Charlie (the dog’s name) and out of nowhere comes this little white mop of a dog, yapping and growling at my dog. It actually attacked Charlie. Charlie, being, after all, a Doberman, didn’t let that one fly. The next thing I knew, Charlie had his mouth around the little dog’s back and was shaking it like crazy. I yanked on his choker and told him to Drop it! (actually, Charlie spoke french so that command was Lache! [sub]hmmm… I think there should be some kind of accent on that ‘a’…[/sub]), which he finally did. However, that little dog didn’t seem to get it and tried to bite me! Charlie grabs him again, and I’m telling him to drop it, when the owner of said little dog comes out of her house and starts screaming at me that she’s going to call the police, that my dog tried to kill hers, etc… I tell her that her dog wasn’t on a leash, nor tied anywhere and that it attacked my dog. Her answer: My dog can go free on MY property, there are no laws that can force me to tie my dog (she was obviously wrong) as long as he stays on my property. At which point I tell her (OK, scream at her) that her dog came and attacked us on the sidewald, and that she doesn’t have a fence, so it’s her fault. Long story short, she got her dog back in her house (it seemed surprisingly unhurt) and screamed at me “I’M CALLING THE COPS!!!”. Dunno if she actually did it, but I never heard of it again.

Look, you dumb bitch, your dog could have been killed because you let it run loose, and if my dog had killed it, he would most probably have had to be destroyed (lovely city bylaws :rolleyes: ), all because you can’t be bothered to either fence in your dog or at the minimum, tie it to a chain if you’re going to leave him out. FOR ITS OWN SAFETY.

Fuck that pissed me off. Just writing about it is getting me angry again. It had to be one of the scary moments in my life. I was just sooooo scared that Charlie was going to kill that little dog and then get killed because it would be considered a ‘dangerous animal’.

:deep breath:



I just can’t believe how irresponsible some people can be.

Now I’m pissed off! Damn! What an idiot woman!

I am so glad your dog didn’t come to any harm.

Thanks for your empathy, yosemitebabe. Charlie was fine after that incident. He lived for another three years before dying of a heart attack while my dad and I were walking him. He was walking, everything seemed okay and at one point, he shuddered and then dropped dead. I still get a lump in my throat today (and that was about 2 years ago.) when I think about it. I now live in an appartment where I can’t have a Dobie, but when my gf and I move to the 'burbs, we’re getting one. For now, I have my cats to console me…