Was the Bible banned in Nazi Germany?

I was flipping through a book called “100 Banned Books”. In the section on “Mein Kampf” is this line:

It goes on to quote several points from Nazi crank Alfred Rosenberg’s “30 points” (1942) proposal for a National Reich Church that declare the NRC’s demand that the printing, importation, sale, and presence in churches of the Bible be outlawed (and replaced with Mein Kampf).

I found it a little hard to believe that the Nazis would risk alienating a large portion of the German population while engaged in a life or death struggle with half the world. Obviously, Rosenberg couldn’t speak for all Nazis (only Hitler could do that). However, the authors (N.J. Karolides, M. Bald, D.B. Sova) still plainly say that the Bible was banned. (In that context banished and banned read the same to me.)

So I skip ahead to the section in the book on the Bible. There is a pretty concise history of the Bible’s censorship history; USSR 1926, China 1965, Ethiopia 1986, but no mention of Germany 1942!

I need some help getting my dope straight on this one.

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I don’t have a citation for you, but Hitler, in fact, carried himself as a new messiah, and tried very hard to win over Germanys’ clergy. He fashioned many Nazi ceremonies and ‘myths’ after Christian doctrine in an attempt to legitimize the party and its’ precepts as a whole.
This was interwoven with the mythos and for want of a better term, parapsychological aspects of his and his minions twisted world-view.
For instance, Himmler believed that German couples who procreated in old German/Nordic cemeteries would impart Aryan strength and purity to their offspring.


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No, the Bible was never banned in Germany, nor were the churches, but traditional Christianity was discouraged to a certain extent. You are absolutely right, the Nazis could never have afforded to alienate the vast majority of Germans in such a way.

Although Hitler portrayed himself as a new messiah, alot of Nazi symbolism, such as the swastica, came from a group of neo-pagans called the Thule Society. Hitler, Himmler, and several other leading Nazis were members.

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Well, of course, the “inferior” bibles – such as Jewish bibles and scrolls – were certainly burned.

Indeed, many Jewish books as well as others were banned or destroyed outright. In fact, the continued “tolerance” of Christianity, which obviously has its roots in Judaism, and the Bible, which is arguably THE Jewish book, was one of the many bizarre aspects of the antisemitic Nazi regime.

Mr. Fudd

Unfortunately, this topic is beginning to be muddled. Your source you quoted was correct, that the Nazis were burning Bibles, and also tearing down crucifixes at the end of the war. It was a program the Nazis initiated, where they were attempting to Dechristianize the German People.

It’s funny, because as these faulty sentiments spread—obviously you’re displaying prejudice too—there’s been a belief that Christianity caused Nazi Germany, or some such thought.

This is not true. In Hitler’s Table Talk, along with copious quotes from Joseph Goebbels and other high ranking Nazis, they hated Christianity. A famous quote which is whitewashed from the internet, that said something like, “If a Jew is a Christian, you have the added benefit of killing two Jews” was said by a high ranking Nazi official. Not only that, there was much information about the Dechristianization efforts of Nazi Germany on Wikipedia, not too long ago.

But, let’s forget all of that, and look at Nazi Ideology.

The Swastika is the first thing we want to look at. It carries from the region of India, and during the Nazi regime there was a belief that the Nazis were a race which took over India, and controlled the whole world. So Nazis believed that the Aryans would be found in all parts of the world, which is why they would search for Swastikas in places like South America or Australia, and perhaps find similar looking symbols. The Swastika is still a viable symbol in India today, which is prominent, because what the Nazis actually believed, was that the white race would achieve godhood status on earth, and rule the world like the Indian Brahman, with darker skinned peoples creating lower and lower castes beneath them.

So, also, the source you used was proficient, and did reflect the end goal of Nazi ideology. But, if you don’t believe me, here’s the New York Times describing Nazi Ideology, and maybe this will help you understand what was going on, and the political climate:

NAZIS DEMAND BAN ON OLD TESTAMENT; Suggest That German Sagas and Fairy Stories Replace Part of Bible in Churches. STATE RELIGION IS LIKELY Rosenberg Proposes Worship of War "Martyrs" -- Papen to See Pope on Course for Catholics. - The New York Times)

Not only that, but it was a myth disseminated around all of Academia—not unlike certain myths disseminating right now about various things—which became ubiquitously believed, about the Aryan religion leaving artefacts across the territories they dominated. The Third Reich meant “Third Roman Empire” which was being constructed as a Pagan Rome, and Christ’s crucifixion was part of that mythology, as was Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Grimm Brothers, and even the Brahman and Theosophic mystery cults. As, the point of Nazi Ideology was not Christianity, but rather a divisive message of racial superiority, where the Nazis wished to create a Caste System not unlike what’s in India today, where the whites were the “Gods” or “Brahmans” and everyone else from the Saxon to the African, were ordered and put in a hierarchical Feudal structure according to race.

Furthermore, there was a great effort in Poland and other territories, to purge Catholics. As they were being targeted and put in concentration camps too. Something between five hundred thousand, and two million Catholics were purged from Poland and other Nazi Territories during the war. You can read a lot about that, and it’s still accessible online.

Note that I answered this 23 years later. It’s important, because your answer sniffs at the current prejudices circulating right now, about Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised—as it’s already happening—if we become a persecuted group in following years. And I appreciate your prejudice, and lack of faith in trustworthy sources, as it demonstrates a naked blindness people have regarding this issue, which I would like to correct.

Hey he still provided an in-depth answer, this is that weird typical thing on SDMB where people are more likely to respond to threads to criticize than provide useful information.

Like most things involving people, it’s complicated… Yes, the Nazis persecuted Christians, but most of the people doing the persecuting also called themselves Christians, while complaining about how Jews were persecuting Christianity. What, you don’t expect Nazis to be consistent, do you?

Let’s not forget about that. How did something that would be historical record get white-washed from the internet?

Dateline April 7, 1933.

What are the " certain myths disseminating right now about various things", and what is this myth that became ubiquitously believed about Nazi ideology? And how does this myth, sniff at what current prejudices circulating right now about Christians? Who are these trustworthy sources we should have faith in? What is this great prejudice you speak of?

Current suspicions about a question asked 23 years ago aside, could you please tell us when Nazi Germany banned the Bible?

For your first question, have you ever read 1984? Very easily. That’s one of the problems with a digital medium.

Myths about gender. Myths about Christians causing Nazi Germany. And there are a lot of prejudices against Christians. I mean, the entire government is lying about a lot of things, and calling things science which clearly are not. It’s kind of fascist, in a way, that Schools, Colleges, even Churches are being used to indoctrinate people. Much like what happened in Nazi Germany. It’s just the skin color is different. The ideology is the same. DEI is a fascist ideology, strictly speaking. Especially since it’s permeated and disseminated as if it were gospel by the entire culture. Even PBS.

It’s interesting, because Philip K. Dick wrote a short story about this. It was veiled with a Robot, but the metaphor was clear.

It’s in the New York Times article I posted. The Old Testament is part of the Bible. Ban part of it, you might as well ban it all.

Also, they were replacing the Old Testament with Grimm Brothers and Ovid, and the Poetic Edda. That should be your first clue, about how genuine they were.

You should also look up Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Not to mention, it’s in the quotation from the OP. He quoted from a book explicitly dealing with Book Banning. I think that’s authoritative enough. If it’s not, then it’s hopeless to convince anyone of anything. They’ll go on believing whatever they want.

I also answered the question, because a lot of messed up things are happening right now. And someone needs to set the record straight.


But the Internet isn’t a digital medium. It’s about a billion different digital mediums. How do you erase something from all of them?

No, opposition to DEI is one of the defining characteristics of fascism.

We’ll see who the real fascists are. Give it time. Both Right wing and Left Wing are displaying fascist tendencies. DEI is fascism. It’s just a new form of it.

Maybe real fascism was the friends we made along the way.

My guess would be that the “real fascists” are the ones who want to curtail voting rights, control women’s bodies, force LGBT people back into the closet, censor public education, and who tried to overthrow the government because they lost an election.

This is probably not correct.

There are/were a variety of shared traditions stretching from roughly Mongolia to Northern Europe, involving a set of deities similar to Thor and Odin and featuring a “world tree”. We find artifacts from these traditions dating back to the Bronze Age. The sun symbols from this shamanic religion seems to predate Indian use.

We only find the swastika in India from around 500 BC.

The Nazis were probably correct that the symbol was associated with the beliefs of their ancestors. They were wrong that their ancestors knew or gave two cents about Jewish people. They were also wrong that it was unique to their ancestors. Mongolic people were also in on the tradition and still practice a related set of beliefs:

Let’s say that I say, “I don’t like Bill.” I have not, in saying that, persecuted Bill. I’ve voiced my opinion - which is my right, by the First Amendment. I haven’t deprived him of any rights, haven’t broken any of his bones, and haven’t picked his pocket. I just said that I didn’t care for him.

At this moment, nearly all Democrats are Christian and a majority of homosexuals are religious with Christianity being the vastly dominant choice among them.

There was a time where there were Christians who read the Bible and believed that it said that slavery was sinful, and others read it and thought it said that slavery was the natural and approved state of affairs. That disagreement in interpretation was a disagreement, not a persecution.

At the point where people are being nailed to crosses and burned, they’re being persecuted. When they’re being shamed by people who think that they’re acting shameful, that’s not persecution, that’s the First Amendment and the First Amendment was specifically written to answer the question of how Americans should handle religious and political disagreements.

f it bothers you, then I’d ask why it bothers you that someone thinks you’re being shameful. Either they’re correct or they’re wrong. If they’re wrong then who gives a shit?