Was the Bible banned in Nazi Germany?

I was flipping through a book called “100 Banned Books”. In the section on “Mein Kampf” is this line:

It goes on to quote several points from Nazi crank Alfred Rosenberg’s “30 points” (1942) proposal for a National Reich Church that declare the NRC’s demand that the printing, importation, sale, and presence in churches of the Bible be outlawed (and replaced with Mein Kampf).

I found it a little hard to believe that the Nazis would risk alienating a large portion of the German population while engaged in a life or death struggle with half the world. Obviously, Rosenberg couldn’t speak for all Nazis (only Hitler could do that). However, the authors (N.J. Karolides, M. Bald, D.B. Sova) still plainly say that the Bible was banned. (In that context banished and banned read the same to me.)

So I skip ahead to the section in the book on the Bible. There is a pretty concise history of the Bible’s censorship history; USSR 1926, China 1965, Ethiopia 1986, but no mention of Germany 1942!

I need some help getting my dope straight on this one.

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I don’t have a citation for you, but Hitler, in fact, carried himself as a new messiah, and tried very hard to win over Germanys’ clergy. He fashioned many Nazi ceremonies and ‘myths’ after Christian doctrine in an attempt to legitimize the party and its’ precepts as a whole.
This was interwoven with the mythos and for want of a better term, parapsychological aspects of his and his minions twisted world-view.
For instance, Himmler believed that German couples who procreated in old German/Nordic cemeteries would impart Aryan strength and purity to their offspring.


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No, the Bible was never banned in Germany, nor were the churches, but traditional Christianity was discouraged to a certain extent. You are absolutely right, the Nazis could never have afforded to alienate the vast majority of Germans in such a way.

Although Hitler portrayed himself as a new messiah, alot of Nazi symbolism, such as the swastica, came from a group of neo-pagans called the Thule Society. Hitler, Himmler, and several other leading Nazis were members.

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Well, of course, the “inferior” bibles – such as Jewish bibles and scrolls – were certainly burned.

Indeed, many Jewish books as well as others were banned or destroyed outright. In fact, the continued “tolerance” of Christianity, which obviously has its roots in Judaism, and the Bible, which is arguably THE Jewish book, was one of the many bizarre aspects of the antisemitic Nazi regime.