Was the Queen mum actually in the coffin the whole time?

Or was she in a freezer around the corner? How many days was it - 10?

No disrespect, but, ewwww! Smelly. Did they do anything to prepare her body (e.g. embalming, ???)?

Sorry this is a bit late, just thought of it.


Yes She was. She was embalmed. Also the coffin is lead lined and sealed. The gin probably helped too.

Cite? Just for confirmation…


Cite? Not really but embalming is standard procedure. And the coffin was mentioned many times with regard to it’s weight.

You could always phone Leversons and ask them!

As to the whole “where’s Diana really buried” story…


It isn’t really a coffin, either.

It’s a jack-in-the-box.

Turn the crank, & Beehthoven’s Funeral March plays, until a stiff pops out. :wally

And when she pops out of the coffin, she shouts “Gotcha ya!”

“And when she pops out of the coffin, she shouts ‘Gotcha ya!’”

—AH-ahahahaha! The Queen Mum was really Wildest Bill in drag . . .That explains those HATS.

Hey! No stealing my gag !

Sorry, Francesca. I certainly should give credit where credit is due! (But shouldn’t we both be thanking the late-from-the-Board, unlamented Wildest Bill?)

It’s the first thing I do every day.

“Dear Lord, thank you for keeping me safe through the night. And thank you for creating Wildest Bill, although I wonder what he does for your Image. Amen.”

If you’re thanking WB, shouldn’t your prayer be something like:

“Deer lord, thank yoo for keaping mee safe thru the nite. And thank yoo for createing Wildest Bill, altho I wonder whut he duz for your imege. amen”

Sorry, couldn’t resist.