Was the recent Master of Orion remake any good?

I see the recent MOO is really cheap now. Was the game any good? I loved the original and (contrary to most) didn’t like the sequel as much (although I liked it and played it a lot). The less spoken of MOO3 the better. So was this one any good?

It was okay. The graphics are nice, the voice acting is good and the play is very reminiscent of MoO 2. However, there was something missing. The pace of the game seemed too slow to me. It has been a while since I’ve played it, maybe I should try again and see if any of the updates did anything.

In my opinion, if you liked MOO2, you’ll probably like the latest version. Updated graphics, voice acting, and so on.

One of the biggest differences (that I can remember) is the switch to a “warp-line” map, which restricts interstellar space travel down specific paths. A star system may have anywhere from one to four (I think) links to the neighboring systems, and these make for natural strategic choke points. “Fuel cell/ship range” is no longer a thing, as a consequence. Some players don’t like the restricting nature of these warp-lines.

On Steam, there is the “Steam Workshop”, which is where fan based mods can be found, and imported into your game.

Wasn’t the warp-line map a thing in MOO3? Or maybe GalCiv? I feel like it’s in other newer space-based 4X games. Believe it or not, I still haven’t gotten rid of my MOO3 discs, although I haven’t played the game since a few weeks after release.

Not knowing anything about what the OP is asking about (Steam isn’t being too useful), it is generally a mechanical remake of the original with only one planet per system? Or is it more like other “modern” space 4X games?

I still kinda want a remake of the original MOO with the resolution adjusted for modern graphics. As fun as MOO2 is, it can be way too micromanaging. The only really annoying part of MOO was the limitation on ship types.

I agree. MOO2 felt more like an Empire simulator than a game to me. I preferred the first game even if it lacked the options of the second. MOO with custom races and more tech options and updated graphics would be good for me.

I bought it over a year ago and it’s not bad, but also feels somewhat unfinished - the biggest problem I had is that the AI seems to get stuck pretty easily. It’s not a remake of the first game, it’s closer to Moo2 where you develop 1-5 planets per system. Biggest problem is that the developers abandoned it, so there aren’t any more updates - I think with a little more dev love it could have been a great game. It’s not a bad one to pick up on sale, but if you really want a good successor to the MOO series I think Endless Space 2 does a much better job at space 4x even if it’s a different backstory than MOO.

I’ve been looking at a newer game that sort of continues the MoO concepts, called Stars in Shadow. Haven’t played it yet, but it’s well reviewed and sounds like it takes MoO and goes in new directions. That said, Endless Space is also a great series - very dramatic and cinematic, with a lot of focus on each faction’s specific (and often game-changing) strengths.