Was the Soviet Union set to invade Germany before Barbarossa?


You would think if that was the case that the Red Army would have been in a better position to resist a German attack than history showed them to be.

This question was asked recently, but I’ll be damned if I can find the thread now.

Suppose the answer were, “Yes.” Where would this thread go from there. I.e., what is the point of the question?

It would be interesting to know. I think thats a good enough point of the question.

I’ve seen commentary to that effect, but little beyond speculation. If it were demonstrably true it would hardly change history’s appreciation of either Stalin or Hitler. We already know enough about both of them to know that neither was the other’s true supporter.

And my first thought was along the line of Crusoe’s response. If the Russians were on a war footing, how’d they get bopped so bad the first year?

History and the writing and researching thereof have pretty much proven that the answer to this question is no. Stalin was a bit leery about Germany being so close, and not having Poland as a buffer anymore, but there has been no evidence that I know of that shows that he or his generals had made any plans to attack the Nazis.

Was Stalin planning to attack Hitler

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I’m not sure what it would take to “know” and what would be done with that knowledge if we had it?

We already know that Stalin and Hitler were both ruthless, so how would knowledge about supposed invasion plans by Stalin change anything?

Sorry, I’m with bernse. Why does a question in GQ have to have a point? What’s wrong with fighting ignorance for its own sake?