Was the World Trade Center bombing a failure or a success?

In the view of the terrorists of course.

The goal of terrorists is to terrorize and bring attention to their “cause,” so in that sense, it was certainly a success. I believe the actual goal was to destroy both buildings completely (via dominoes) and obviously that didn’t happen.

Let’s leave it to the terrorists to ponder the success of their scheme while their @sses rot in prison! I’m sure that more than a few inmates in the general population will have some pretty choice thoughts on the matter. Here’s hoping.

As to success, all that they really accomplished is to make it even more acceptable to limit our freedoms in the name of preventing their terrorism. For that reason alone, they should spend their remaining lives in some hell-hole.

Does anybody have any, you know, cites in answer to this question? Surely some of the accused and/or convicted have made statements about the “success” of the event.